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1. This website is the subject of the conditions of use as specified below of the company of TRILUX GmbH & Co. KG (hereafter referred to as ‘service provider’). If special conditions for individual uses of this website deviate from the conditions of use as specified below, this will be expressly referred to on the website at the correct location. Special conditions of use then additionally apply in such specific cases.

2. This website contains data and information of all types that are brand and/or copyright-protected in favour of the service provider, or in individual cases in favour of third parties. It is therefore impermissible to download the website in part or complete form to distribute or duplicate this. Technical duplication for the purposes of browsing is permitted if this action has no economic purpose; also permitted is continuous duplication for own use.

3. It is permitted to set links to this website if these only serve as cross references. The service provider reserves the right to revoke this permission. Framing of this website is not permitted if not explicitly specified by law (frames are sub-parts of a website restricted by frames in which other websites or parts of these are displayed).

4. The service provider assumes liability for the content of its website in accordance with legislative regulations. A guarantee for correctness and completeness of information on the website is not assumed. Links to websites of third parties do not mean that the service provider is responsible for content following on from the link. The content does not justify responsibility of the service provider for the data and information provided there. The service provider has no influence on content behind the link. For this reason, the service provider is not liable for unlawful, erroneous or incomplete content, or for damage caused by use of content behind the link.

5. Internet use occurs at the user's own risk. The service provider is not liable for any technical failure of the Internet or Internet access.

6. The service provider reserves the right to modify these conditions of use from time to time and adapt them to technical and legislative developments. Users will be specifically informed about such modifications. In the case of the ineffectiveness of single regulations in this agreement for use, the effectiveness of the remaining regulations remains valid.


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