Arimo Fit

planar light in a new dimension 

The challenge

  1. Holistic lighting solution for more flexibility in offices
  2. High lighting design flexibility without compromising on quality of light, efficiency, service life and adaptability
  3. Hardly any visual distinguishing features from planar office luminaires
  4. Efficient and time-saving refurbishment of obsolete conventional luminaire systems

The solution 

  1. Future-proof and all-purpose solution for high-quality planar recessed and surface-mounted luminaires 
  2. Wider range of optics, luminous flux packages, mounting methods and colour renderings with pioneering energy efficiency and service life
  3. Attractive, unmistakable appearance due to unique design elements and the customisability of the housing colour and look
  4. Customised solutions for the efficient 1:1 replacement of conventional luminaires




Advantages with lighting design

One system for all – unlimited possibilities in the project

Arimo Fit LED offers lighting designers and architects even more freedom than its predecessor model, Arimo Slim. The luminaire family is designed in such a way that it can optimally fulfil any lighting task in office and education. The portfolio includes recessed and surface-mounted luminaires and a wide selection of optics (e.g. for glare control without visible microprismatics or asymmetry), luminous flux packages up to 6,300 lm and various module sizes. 

A unique design – planar light with visible high quality

The innovative combination of Arimo Fit LED's chamfer and joint design elements creates a unique, three-dimensional appearance. The interplay of the frame with the illuminated chamfer creates a depth effect in the ceiling system that significantly enhances the ceiling. This depth effect can be further enhanced with the optional Sky frame, creating the impression of a skylight in the ceiling.

The surface-mounted luminaires also pick up on this unique design element. Ideal for also uniformly illuminating larger areas.

Differentiation in form and colour

Arimo Fit breaks new ground in planar lighting. In addition to the frame design, the appearance of the surface-mounted luminaire has also been redesigned. A new and attractive spatial effect is created by the recess of the cover and mounting plate. A further plus is high flexibility in terms of colours: in addition to pure white luminaires, silver and black recessed luminaires and silver surface-mounted luminaires are also available in the standard portfolio. Many further colours are also available on customer request. The optical system can also be easily customised, for example by colour printing the covers or by milling in a logo. Everything is very simple, thanks to "Made by TRILUX".


Come what may: Arimo Fit offers a solution for almost all common needs thanks to its wide range of variants. The portfolio ranges from small square recessed solutions to linear surface-mounted luminaires. Extensive accessories are available for even more flexibility – for example for plasterboard ceilings, concealed grids and for pendant mounting. By optimising the frame geometry and external dimensions, a quick and easy 1:1 refurbishment of conventional luminaires is possible! Special production runs for luminaire size, light colour or type of mounting are also possible on request. This makes Arimo Fit a flexible solution for refurbishment projects and new buildings.

Benefits during installation

Installation – fast, convenient and simple

Every single work step was analysed in detail and optimised. It already starts with the unpacking: the control gear unit of the recessed luminaire and the mounting plate of the surface-mounted luminaire are always directly accessible first in the packaging – and can be installed or mounted separately from the luminaire. What's special – the luminaire stays in the packaging protected from dirt and damage – and can be installed later. 

Installation – plug & play

Really simple startup: the recessed and surface-mounted luminaires can be plug & play connected quickly and conveniently thanks to the TRILUX-familiar rapid connection system. This saves time and allows separate electrical connection of the control gear unit and luminaire installation, which does not necessarily have to be carried out by a qualified electrician. High-grade materials such as the robust aluminium frame and excellent workmanship make installation even easier. 

Networking – quickly done with LiveLink

A proven process with intuitive user guidance: luminaires are quickly and easily networked with the TRILUX LiveLink light management system. 
This enables light management as the basis for smart applications with minimal installation costs. If no DALI control lines are available, the luminaires can also optionally be networked via Wireless DALI.

Advantages in operation

Excellent light effect – always and everywhere

Light and design in perfect harmony: the very good glare control of Arimo Fit LED guarantees best working conditions. At the same time, the luminaire enhances the room with the attractive design elements in the frame and the strikingly illuminated ceiling cut-outs with depth effect. The result is excellent planar light, a calm ceiling appearance and a particularly pleasant lighting and spatial effect. 

Winning features – high efficiency and low operating costs

Arimo Fit LED has increased its efficiency to up to 135 lm/W. If desired the luminaire can be quickly and easily combined with the LiveLink light management system – further reducing energy consumption due to sensors. And that's not all: with 100,000 hours, the service life of the luminaire has doubled compared to the predecessor model. Minimal operating costs and an extremely long service life make the luminaire economically attractive. 

Quality of light and Human Centric Lighting – for greater well-being at the workplace

Quality of light gets noticed: Arimo Fit LED is available in the standard portfolio with a high colour rendering index of CRI90. In addition, all luminaires are optionally available as Active versions for Human Centric Lighting – thus bringing "natural daylight" back into the office. This increases well-being and can support the biological rhythm when working in closed rooms without sunlight. 

One product family, many variants

Thanks to the wide range of optics, module sizes and mounting methods (lay-in, recessed and surface-mounted solution), all lighting tasks for planar lighting in offices can be solved with the Arimo Fit LED luminaire range.

A stringent design

No matter what the size or method of mounting: design elements typical of the range, such as the uniform frame with chamfer, are common throughout the system.

High efficiency and low costs

Because of its high efficiency (up to 135 lm/W) and extremely long service life (L80 100,000 h), Arimo Fit LED is especially attractive from an economic point of view.

Simple refurbishment projects

Thanks to a greater variety of versions and new accessories (e.g. for concealed ceiling grids), existing luminaire systems can be refurbished quickly and easily with 1:1 replacements.

Generation 2 - Fits perfectly

Whether for recessed or surface mounting, installation is even easier thanks to redesigned frame geometries. The frame of the recessed luminaires has been revised so that it fits without problems even in the most difficult installation conditions. This means that the ceiling does not have to be re-sawn in the event of renovation, but that the luminaire fits into the existing ceiling opening of the conventional luminaire. Even during lay in mounting, if the visual mounting rail ceiling is warped or more mounting hooks than usual are used, the luminaire now slides into the ceiling field without any problems.


Whether in new buildings or for refurbishments – Arimo Fit ideally achieves the balancing act and enhances all areas with its unique design and excellent quality of light. The surface-mounted luminaire with ceiling cove is the optimal solution for new buildings. For refurbishments, the surface-mount frames into which the recessed luminaires can be clipped are ideal. This allows refurbishments without having to repaint the ceilings.

Technical features

Construction forms rectangular, square
Mounting methods Lay-in, recessed, surface-mounted, suspended luminaire (only direct component) plus wallwasher in the same design
Glare reduction UGR<16; UGR<19; UGR<22
Lumen packages 1.500 -6.500 lm
Service life L80 100.000 h
L90 50.000 h
Colour rendering/colour temperatures CRI 80 / 90
Light distribution wide beam
Electrical version ET / ETDD
Protection rating on room side / safety class IP 40 / IP54 (on room side)
Sensor technology Daylight and presence
Control LiveLink
Luminaire colour white, silver, black, other RAL colours on request

Arimo Fit LED
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