Livelink software

Intelligent planning, mobile commissioning and convenient control

Clever apps for practical situations

The specific needs of users were focused on during development of the LiveLink software programmes. These were developed in close cooperation with lighting designers, architects, electrical contractors and users. 

A graphic user interface and intuitive user guidance are highly essential, practical advantages. User-friendly functions also guarantee maximum levels of operating convenience and flexibility. 

LiveLink Install

The commissioning app provides electrical contractors with a range of intelligent functions for quick, reliable and simple configuration of the light management system. The electrical contractor can use standard Use Cases on the app for many normal room situations to start-up the light management system without previous planning. 

LiveLink Control

The LiveLink Control operating app enables the light to be quickly and simply adapted to personal or situational needs. Using the intuitive user interface, users can dim the lighting for e.g. a conference room presentation to the desired level via a smartphone or tablet. Stored light scenes can also be called up according to needs with equal simplicity – for example when working on a computer screen.

Use Cases

Effortlessly achieving the right solutions for typical rooms

In practice, planners are often confronted with relatively similar configuration requirements, e.g. when planning a light management system for a corridor, office or classroom. To simplify the planning process, LiveLink offers users a series of preset room configurations – the so-called Use Cases.

This is the result of the depth of expertise of TRILUX concerning architectural situations, typical requirements and their optimum lighting in the specific sectors. 

Preconfigured parameters

Luminaires are already combined to appropriate groups and have the correct pre-settings in the Use Case. The sensors are also preconfigured with basic parameters. Using this data, electrical contractors can then effortlessly start-up the light management system.


Optimal and standard-compliant

The use cases therefore not only make planning and installation easier, but provide users with the certainty that their lighting is optimally configured according to standards. Because: special HCL curves are saved in the Use Cases for the various applications that correspond precisely to the requirements of the specific area. These and the standard uses can be simply selected via app.

Individual Use Cases

The solution for the individual customer requirement

Use Cases can also be created according to needs for special customer requirements that contain the combined light and application expertise of TRILUX. Both specific room geometries and individual application cases can be effortlessly mapped.