When intelligence comes to light


LiveLink Basic - the basic solution

The intelligent LiveLink Basic control system enables high energy cost savings thanks to the integrated light and presence sensor. Simple installation and "plug&play" commissioning make LiveLink Basic the ideal solution for simple, cost-effective entry into lighting control.

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LiveLink WiFi - the smart all-rounder

The core of the LiveLink control unit is a Linux-based high-performance minicomputer that processes incoming flows of data and assigns control commands to the system components. 

The control unit features an integrated WLAN module for control via tablet or smartphone to enable especially simple communication with the user.

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With LiveLink SwarmSens, luminaires can be networked simply and easily via radio. The high-frequency sensor integrated in the luminaire helps to save energy and only switches the lighting on when it is needed.
Thanks to the intelligent networking of the luminaires, the light intelligently runs ahead and provides orientation.

LiveLink Wireless - the refurbishment professional

The system enables control of the luminaires via radio technology in refurbishment cases, and always if supplementary control lines cannot or should not be laid. Only a mains connection is then required for installation purposes. 

The commissioning process, often deemed one of the largest challenges with control systems, is carried out completely without effort using Use Cases: preconfigured rooms for typical applications are already contained in the app.

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LiveLink WiFi Connect - the networkable

For using in sports halls or industrial halls, 10 LiveLink WiFi Connect control units can be coupled over the own LiveLink WLAN. With this networking, both single room control (for each control unit) and overall room control (via all control units) is possible. The precondition for this function is the same Use Case in all LiveLink control units. For competitions in sports halls, a predefined light scene can be enforced with a key-operated switch.

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LiveLink Premium - the individual project solver

The server-based solution for large projects consists of a combination of DALI/Ethernet servers and gateways. The server acts as a control unit and, depending on its performance capacity, can manage an unlimited number of luminaires. In this way, almost every customer requirement can be realised effortlessly: simple and complex installations with several thousand luminaires.

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Presence detection, light scenes, constant light

Greater efficiency and lower costs, more comfort and increased safety are the essential benefits provided by LiveLink to customers. Intelligent sensor technology adapts the light to the specific situation – light only when it's needed and only as much as needed.

General light

Increased comfort and maximum safety due to special general light function: LiveLink reduces the danger from dark spots and increases the subjective feeling of safety.


Thanks to the intelligent radio networking of the luminaires with LiveLink SwarmSens, the light intelligently runs ahead and provides orientation.

Radio-based refurbishment solution

Simplified installation with refurbishment projects due to radio networking of luminaires among each other: no need for the retroactive installation of DALI control lines and signals are wirelessly transmitted to the luminaires.

Human Centric Lighting

The colour of light influences many reactions in the human body, for example the ability to concentrate and perform, the level of well-being and the biological rhythm. Human Centric Lighting solutions make use of these effects by specifically adapting the light colour to the needs of the user.

Digital added values due to cloud connection

Keeping an eye on the complete lighting system: digital monitoring solutions enable the potential of digital lighting solutions to be exploited without complexity.

Users can select between

  • Energy Monitoring analysing and optimising of energy consumption
  • Light Monitoring monitoring the lighting and detecting maintenance needs


  LiveLink Workspace LiveLink Basic LiveLink SwarmSens LiveLink WiFi LiveLink Wireless LiveLink Connect LiveLink Premium
  Your Personal Office Light The entry-level solution The guide The smart all-rounder The renovation professional The networkable The individual all-rounder
Attendance recording
Constant light control -
Threshold function - - - - - -
Light scenes - -
Sequences - - - -
Basic light -
Human Centric Lighting - - -
Master- Slave- Networking - - - - -
Plug- and- Play-Function 11 - - - -
Cloud Connection - - - 2 3 2 2
Monitoring (MOR lights) - - - -
Emergency light monitoring (DALI single battery) - - - -
Radio networking (Mesh) - - -
Integration of building plans - - - - - -
Connection to building management system - - - - - -
Control via push button -
Control via app -

1ready for operation after electrical connection (no additional commissioning required)
2Energy and Light Monitoring / Remote Control / System Backup
3Remote Control

LiveLink Basic - The entry-level solution for price-conscious decision-makers.

Easy entry into automatic lighting control: LiveLink Basic provides an energy-efficient lighting solution via the integrated sensor (light and presence). The integrated interfaces enable control via smartphone or push-button.


With LiveLink SwarmSens, it's child's play to get started with refurbishment in industrial areas such as multi-storey car parks. If the structural conditions do not permit the subsequent installation of DALI control lines, LiveLink SwarmSens is the right choice. All the necessary components are already integrated in the luminaire and networking of the luminaires is simple and straightforward via Bluetooth. The high-frequency sensor integrated in the luminaire helps to save energy and only switches the lighting on when it is needed. Due to the intelligent networking of the luminaires, the light runs ahead intelligently and also provides orientation in the building or car park.

LiveLink - the smart and powerful all-rounder

Light management was never as reliable and quick to plan, set up and operate as LiveLink. Only one control device and two convenient apps are needed to rapidly configure and control individually definable rooms.

The radio solution for refurbishment projects

The LiveLink refurbishment solution enables light management systems to be quickly and simply installed even in difficult building situations. If the building cabling has no 2-core DALI control lines, LiveLink can be optionally operated wirelessly. In such applications, communication between the controller and luminaires uses the ZigBee radio standard. The luminaires have a Zigbee DALI interface for this purpose that transforms the radio signals transmitted from the control unit into DALI commands. Cable-connected components can also be effortlessly integrated into the system for maximum flexibility. Both the control unit and the ZigBee DALI interface in the luminaires feature a DALI output, enabling further luminaires, push-buttons and sensors to be integrated for example.

LiveLink as an individual project solution

The LiveLink light management system enables comfortable, intuitive and safe control of all light points in a lighting installation. 

Large projects may well have several thousand luminaires controlled by a single system. The server-based LiveLink solution enables almost any customer requirement to be individually realised without effort. Commissioning and control is convenient and simple via an app.