Luceos LED

A modular multi-talent for office and education

The challenge

Modern lighting solutions for office and educational facilities must fulfil the significantly increased requirements for quality of light and functionality. In ideal cases the needs of highly different areas are covered and projects can be implemented holistically. Despite high levels of flexibility, the solutions must also score in terms of energy efficiency and future capability, and also be attractive.

The solution

Luceos LED with its wide, uniformly illuminated light emission surface creates outstanding, glare-free light and simultaneously sets visual accents. The light modules and accessory parts can be combined according to the luminaire's kit principle, enabling solutions for all office and educational areas to be available as standard. This modularity makes Luceos LED extremely future-proof and variable.


Saving energy


Advantages with lighting design

Many possibilities thanks to a modular construction

Customised light without any effort: Luceos LED is quickly and simply configured for almost any application thanks to its selection of modules. Two lengths and two luminous flux packages are available, as well as accessories for installation as a suspended or surface-mounted luminaire. If needed, the single light modules can be expanded to create a continuous line using continuous line connectors. A further feature are the attachable function end caps of Luceos LED. This modular design provides very high flexibility for designing lighting solutions for offices and educational facilities.

Attractive luminaire design and seamless continuous lines

Luceos LED features a flat, filigree construction and a classically timeless, modern design. This enables lighting designers to create harmonious, discreet spatial atmospheres. As a continuous line Luceos LED scores points with a continuous light emission surface, and as a surface-mounted luminaire with attractive ceiling illumination. 

The desired version with the press of a button

Many possibilities simply combined with the click of a mouse: with the practical and simple-to-use online configurator, the preferred personal version of Luceos LED is configured as quick as a flash.

Advantages during installation

Exceedingly quick mounting

With lighting refurbishments the old fixing points can be partly reused because Luceos LED has flexibly positionable wire suspension. 

Supplementary functions simply plugged in

Additional functions such as sensor technology for presence detection can be integrated without much effort via plug & play by simply docking on the end caps – installation couldn't be more time-saving. 

Advantages in operation

Ideal light for employees

Luceos LED scores points with its wide, glare-free light emission surface that even becomes seamless with the continuous line version. This, and the indirect light component running across the complete luminaire length, create a pleasant sense of light for maximum light quality. 

Upgrading to LED technology made easy

Operators wishing to upgrade their lighting installation from conventional T5 or T8 luminaires to LED have their job made easy with Luceos LED. The upgrading almost finances itself thanks to outstanding energy efficiency and the long lifespan.

Future-proof due to modular flexibility

The modular construction makes Luceos LED extremely future-proof. This enables smart additional functions such as sensors to be integrated via the attachable end caps. The open interface of the end caps enables solutions for the needs of today and in the future. Also, thanks to the continuous line connector, single luminaires are quickly transformed into continuous lines. This means operators can quickly and simply adapt their lighting installations to new situations or changed user behaviour. 

An eye on air quality at all times

A simple plug-on CO2 sensor: The modular design of Luceos LED makes the surface-mounted and suspended luminaire suitable for future upgrades with smart devices such as CO2 sensor sys-tems that can be integrated in quickly via plug-on end caps and continuous line couplings. The sensor measures the air quality in the room and indicates when it’s time to ventilate. Look to the future now – with CO2 modules for Luceos LED.


Outstanding quality of light due to uniform, glare-free planar light


Highly diverse due to configurability


Simply attachable end caps with supplementary functions such as sensors, LiveLink and emergency light single battery 3h and a future-safe, open interface


Seamless light emission surface with the continuous line version


Surface-mounted luminaire with attractive ceiling illumination


Flexibly positionable wire suspension for simple refurbishment


Energy efficiency over 150 lm/W
Luminous flux packages of 4,000 and 6,500 lm
Service life of 50,000 h L80 at 25 °C
Available in lengths of 1,200 mm and 1,500 mm
Configurable as surface-mounted or suspended luminaire
Various distribution characteristics: suspended luminaire (direct-indirect distribution), surface-mounted luminaire (direct distribution, asymmetric distribution)
Asymmetric version specifically for panels and blackboards in classrooms
Continuous line-capable
Attachable end caps for integrating supplementary functions
High glare control compliant to UGR19 for the standard-compliant illumination of VDU workstations
Active versions