Lumena Fit LED

The perfect light for large areas and high demands

The challenge

Larger outdoor areas – such as storage and logistics areas, car parks and sports facilities – place high demands on the lighting solution. People, obstacles and signage must be clearly and quickly recognisable. Furthermore, energy efficiency and service life are elementary due to the required high illuminance levels and long burning duration. The luminaire must also withstand wind and weather in the long run.

The solution

Lumena Fit LED is a high-output wide beam projector for large outdoor areas. It scores with maximum quality of light, excellent energy efficiency and a long service life of up to 100,000 hours. A practical option: LED refurbishment is quick and easy thanks to simple 1:1 replacement. The optional LiveLink light management system enables additional energy savings.



Advantages in lighting design

Customised light for demanding applications

Lumena Fit LED is the perfect solution for sophisticated wide-area illumination with high luminous flux options. Wherever high uniformity and precise light control are required, the powerful wide-beam floodlight is in its element – for example in lighting container terminals, outdoor workplaces, storage and logistics areas, large car parks or sports facilities.

High flexibility for luminous flux packages

Thanks to a wide range of luminous flux options, the Lumena Fit LED wide-beam floodlight can be adapted precisely to the individual application. The luminaire is available in two different sizes with luminous flux options from 18,000 to 140,000 lm.

Ideal refurbishment solution for a 1:1 replacement

With Lumena Fit LED, traditional class III floodlight systems can be refurbished with 1:1 replacements. The projector is suitable for replacing conventional luminaires with wattages of 250 W, 400 W, 600 W, 1,000 W and 2,000 W.

Benefits during installation

Simple mounting and refurbishment

The Lumena Fit LED wide beam projector is mounted simply via a bracket on the post. When refurbishing, conventional luminaires can simply be replaced one-to-one with an appropriate design.

Two mounting options to choose from

As standard, the Lumena Fit LED wide beam projector is attached to the post with a bracket (cross-arm). Wall mounting is also possible for projectors with luminaire luminous flux of up to 60,000 lm. This provides scope for lighting design and simplifies installation on site.

Advantages in operation

High efficiency and a long service life

Due to the high energy efficiency of more than 120 lm/W and the long service life of 100,000 h (L80 B50), the operating costs of the Lumena Fit LED wide beam projector are particularly low. Further energy savings can be achieved with the optional LiveLink light management system.

Robust construction for optimum protection

With protection class IP65, the Lumena Fit LED wide beam projector is completely dustproof and protected against splash water from any angle. The luminaire also proves itself in demanding load tests with more than 250,000 vibration excitations, so that it is excellently protected against falling components. And even a permanent pressure load – such as from snow or other weights – cannot harm the projector. It easily withstands a standard load of 400 kg/m². This corresponds to a snow load zone with snow heights of up to 1.5 m.

High quality of light for uniform light

Thanks to the high quality of the LED modules and the asymmetric narrow beam characteristic, even wide areas can be perfectly illuminated. The result is bright and uniform light with a minimum of disturbing light emissions.

Future-proof due to modular design

Thanks to the modular design of the luminaire, the LED modules and electronic components/devices can be replaced quickly and easily if required. This minimizes the effort involved in any conversions, maintenance or repairs and offers a high degree of future safety.

Precisely matched – special lighting technology for medium-sized posts and corners

The light remains in place: Thanks to specially developed photometrics for medium-sized posts and corners, even large areas with clear boundaries – such as sports fields – can be illuminated with unparalleled precision. On the field itself, Lumena Fit scores points with its high-quality, uniform and glare-free light.

Inclination angle 0° – minimum stray light for maximum efficiency

Thanks to the special optics with asymmetric narrow light direction, the luminaire head can illuminate even large areas ideally at an inclination of 0°. The minimised stray light component also reduces glare and increases the efficiency of the system by reducing light loss.

Better living around sports fields – less light pollution

A low level of stray light is not only good for the environment, think insect-friendly lighting. The minimal light pollution also increases acceptance among residents, who often feel disturbed by the stray light of sports field lighting.

Competition or training light – simply select scenes via app

Lumena Fit floodlights can be optionally networked with the LiveLink light management system and conveniently controlled via app. Coaches can easily configure certain light scenes, such as training, competition or field maintenance, and access them at the touch of a button.

High-output LED wide beam projector

The projector is available with luminous flux packages from 18,000 to more than 100,000 lumens

Low operating costs

The luminaire scores with high efficiency of ≥ 120 lm/W and a long service life of 100,000 hours (L80 B50)

Simple refurbishments

Ideal replacement for conventional luminaires (250 W, 400 W, 600 W, 1,000 W and 2,000 W)

Technical features

Energy efficiency: ≥ 120 lm/W
Lumen packages: 18.000 lm to >100.000 lm
Service life: L80 B50 100.000 h
Colour rendering/colour temperatures: 4.000 K (opt. 5.000 K)
Connected load: Up to 54.000 lm: 450 W
> 100.000 lm: 940 W
Light distribution: asymmetric narrow distribution
Electrical version: ···ETDD··· With electronic control gear unit, digitally dimmable (DALI)
…ET… With electronic control gear unit, switchable
Protection rating / safety class: IP66 / I
Features: small construction size:
As standard with CLO (Constant Light Output),
Optional: connection to LiveLink or LiveLink Outdoor is possible