Mondia G3

the entry level champion


  1. Easily refurbish hallways and stairwells without drilling, painting or closing off areas for extended periods of time. 
  2. An energy-efficient solution for tight budgets that can be used with grants and building certification. 
  3. For safety and orientation, the new DIN 12464-1 prescribes a higher lighting level as well as ceiling illumination in corridors and stairwells.


  1. Lightning-fast 1:1 refurbishment of existing 740.N luminaires without interfering with the building structure – optionally in classic or cylindrical shape. 
  2. The high efficiency (>120 lm/W), long service life (L80 50,000h) and sensor variants enable high savings in energy and maintenance costs with low investment – and meet the requirements for subsidy allocation and building certifications. 
  3. Precisely suitable luminous flux packages and a high indirect component guarantee standard-compliant lighting in corridors and stairwells according to DIN 12464-1.


  1. 1:1 refurbishment in no time at all
    With Mondia G3, existing 740.N luminaires can be refurbished quickly and easily in 1:1 replacements. Due to precisely fitting lighting technology as well as exactly matching mounting bodies, there is no need for re-planning, painting or drilling.
  2. Safety and orientation for all
    Whether schools or hospitals, offices, administrative buildings or public facilities – Mondia G3 can be flexibly adapted to the individual application, for example with night-time switching variants (ET2), sensor and emergency lighting solutions, PC variants or coloured accessory rings that can create a building identity and enable the zoning of different areas.
  3. One classic, two shapes
    For more choice and variety: in addition to the variant as a classic sphere, Mondia G3 is also available with a cylindrical diffuser.
  1. Ideal for subsidies
    High-quality and sustainable light, even for a tight budget: with good efficiency (> 120 lm/ W) and service life (L80 50,000h), Mondia G3 is fit for grant funding and sustainable building certifications.
  2. Standard compliant in corridors and stairwells
    With increased luminous flux packages and an optimised indirect component, Mondia G3 supports the requirements of DIN 12464-1, for example with regard to the higher illuminance levels required for wall or ceiling illumination.
  3. Sustainable production
    Resource saving: excess plexiglass generated during production are immediately reintroduced into the production cycle through post-production recycling. Packaging made of unprinted, unbleached cardboard is also environmentally friendly.


Good taste for walls and ceilings 

The classic wall and ceiling lighting is now available in two design variants: either as a proven spherical-rounded version, or the new shape with a cylindrical diffuser. Both variants enhance the surroundings with their high quality light and purist classic design. The choice of design variants and coloured decorative rings creates attractive, individual lighting solutions.


  1. Impact resistance – for particularly tough cases
    In addition to a generally high impact resistance (IK03) for corridors or changing rooms, Mondia G3 is also available as a particularly robust IK08 variant.
  2. Adapted luminous flux packages
    With higher luminous fluxes compared to the previous generation, Mondia G3 is fit for the new DIN 12464-1 specifications.
  3. Coloured decorative rings Orientation made easy – building areas can be visually enhanced, attractively zoned and individualised thanks to decorative rings in three different standard colours and in all other RAL shades as custom-made products from a quantity of one.
  4. Quality from Sauerland, Germany
    Mondia G3 combines high product quality, made in Germany
  5. Sustainability included
    A holistic sustainability concept including post-production recycling, easy servicing, environmentally friendly packaging make Mondia G3 particularly attractive from an ecological point of view.
  1. Top performance at a top price
    Entry-level solution with high efficiency (>120 lm/W) and long service life (L80 50,000h)
  2. Emergency light variants and sensor variants
    Wide range of variants, e.g. emergency lighting and night-time switching solutions (EB3, ET2), sensor variants (HFS), diffuser materials (PC, PMMA) and protection ratings (IK03, IK08)
  3. 1:1 refurbishment:
    Matching drilling and feed points allow existing 740.N luminaires to be replaced 1:1 without interfering with the building structure.
  4. Quick mounting
    Smart mounting concept: attach the mounting body, make the electrical connection, screw on the diffuser using the bayonet lock – and it's finished!


Education - Health - Office - Industry


Great features

Mondia G3 is tough (optionally up to IK08) and economical in operation. For even more efficiency, the subsidy-eligible luminaire is also available with sensors. The luminaire is available in two classic shapes. Coloured decorative rings as accessories can be used to zone areas and improve orientation in the building.


Recipe for success:

Whether hospital or retirement home – the  subsidy-eligible Mondia G3 scores with high efficiency and a long service life. Variants with sensors, night-time switching and emergency lighting provide high safety and low operating costs. Smart: coloured decorative rings can be used to individually design corridors, hallways and zones, making orientation easier.


Standard-compliant, economical and attractive: the subsidy-eligible Mondia G3 brings good, efficient light to stairwells and corridors. Optionally available emergency lighting and sensor variants provide even more safety and sustainability.


Office corridors are illuminated cleanly, standard-compliant and efficiently with Mondia G3. Two diffuser shapes and coloured decorative rings enable an individually attractive design, for example in the corporate CI. The subsidy-eligible luminaire is even more economical in combination with sensor systems.


Design Round, with conical or cylindrical bowl
Sizes Diameter: WD1: 310 mm / WD2: 402 mm / WD3: 512 mm
Heights: WD1: 90 - 100 mm / WD2: 100 - 110 mm / WD3: 110 - 138 mm
Luminous flux packages WD1: 1400 lm / WD2: 2100 lm / WD3: 3200 lm
Efficiency Up to 135 lm/W, most of the portfolio with >120 lm/W eligible (BMWK)
Lifetime 50,000 h L80, ta 25°C
75,000 h L70, ta 25°C
Radiation characteristics Diffuse wide beam
Color temperature 3,000 K, 4,000 K
Material and impact resistance PMMA - IK 03
PC - IK 06
Protection class IP40
Special variants Emergency light (single battery 3 h), sensor system (HFS), night light (ET2)
Accessories & Spare Parts Decorative cladding in white, silver, black; desired colors on request
Replacement trays

Mondia G3
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