Thousands of popular milk-based products, ranging from tasty cheese and creamy butter to protein-rich drink yoghurts, are produced every day by Arla Foods in over 13 countries. 

As a food-producing company depending on animals and Nature, it places high importance on a responsible handling of the environment. This is also the case with lighting. In the Arla dairy centre in Christiansfeld, Denmark the luminaire specialist TRILUX from Arnsberg in Germany upgraded the company's lighting installation to LED technology.

Energy efficiency was the main factor for the client during the upgrading project, but sustainability was also on the agenda because the dairy group places high importance on responsible handling throughout the complete production chain. "The aim was to achieve less energy consumption along with significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions," explained Martin Skødt, Maintenance Manager at Arla.

In terms of saving energy, the Mirona LED, E-Line LED and Nextrema LED from TRILUX scored across-the-board. A total of 5,500 square metres were equipped with the robust systems from TRILUX. The systems have to withstand a great deal, as the dairy facility is definitely "cool" in the true sense of the word. A maximum temperature of 4.5 degrees Celsius exists in the storage areas.

The E-Line LED and Nextrema LED must also withstand continuous humidity to achieve the requisite 7,500 operating hours per annum without failures. E-Line LED trunking systems were installed in the three warehouses. Its particular advantages also include simple mounting, high durability and of course short payback times, and the system features energy efficiency of up to 148 lumens per watt.

As part of the refurbishment project, levels of illuminance in the halls were updated in accordance with the latest standards. "This meant that lighting levels were doubled to 200 lux," explained TRILUX Key Account Manager Oliver Schwarz.

Energy consumption on the other hand was slashed by around one third. A new light management system, coupled to several presence sensors, also contributes to this result.

Considering the project as a whole, its implementation was top-notch for Arla – the dairy works at Christiansfeld now has a state-of-the-art lighting installation completely unaffected by humidity and low temperatures.

Lighting comfort was significantly increased and project supervision by TRILUX prove to be simple and highly collaborative. As such, TRILUX has once again shown its ability to implement its brand message of ‘Simplify Your Light’ in everyday operations.

In short

  1. Construction authority
    Arla Foods Christiansfeld Dairy Center, Denmark
  2. Project data
    Cold stores
    5.500 square metres
  3. Installed luminaires
    Mirona LED, E-Line LED and Nextrema LED