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For companies, thinking economically means optimizing processes and controlling costs at all levels. But sustainability and better working conditions are also convincing arguments in the intense competition for customers and skilled workers. A decisive starting point with high potential: industrial lighting. As a competent partner, TRILUX supports industrial companies quickly, safely and easily - with digital, intelligent and networked lighting solutions that also prove themselves in 24/7 continuous operation. We take a holistic view of your project and work with you to develop sustainable and individual solutions for every application: starting with the production and storage halls themselves, through the associated corridors, stairwells, offices and ancillary rooms, right up to the exterior of the building.

Switch now. Save Energy.


  1. Save up to 85% in energy and greenhouse gases
  2. Tailor-made light for maximum well-being
  3. Without mercury, with a future




Energy efficiency – getting the most out of it

Maximum yield with minimum use of resources – nowhere are the demands on business efficiency higher than in the industrial sector. This also applies to the industrial lighting. TRILUX luminaires score points with their excellent energy efficiency and above-average service life. The low operating costs make converting to LED technology especially attractive.


Industry 4.0 – using the lighting network as an infrastructure

Innovative Anwendungen über die Beleuchtung realisieren

The networking and monitoring of TRILUX luminaires via the cloud achieves greater energy efficiency, transparency and convenience. It also creates the perfect infrastructure for Industry 4.0 applications. TRILUX luminaires are IoT-ready and networked with the LiveLink light management system in no time at all. Using standardised interfaces for Industry 4.0 modules, location-based services such as asset tracking, indoor navigation and heatmapping can be implemented with minimal effort. Switch the light on for the future.

Industrial LED lighting – sophisticated meets impressive

Sustainable industrial lighting

It pays off - for the environment, too

Intelligence is sustainable

Lighting management networks luminaires to create intelligent, adaptive systems. This reduces operating costs and protects the environment. LiveLink is the TRILUX solution for light management in industrial applications.

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Energy-saving LED technology

Over 90% of a luminaire's carbon footprint is accounted for by the use phase. Highly efficient LEDs and optics minimize energy consumption.

Intelligently networkable

Digital control interfaces, adaptive lighting technology and standardized bases for sensors: TRILUX luminaires are ready for smart light management and to support building automation.

Robust and durable

Resistant luminaires also for continuous operation under harsh conditions - with up to 100,000 h LED service life.

Modular construction

Flexible over the entire life cycle: Replace components, upgrade functions, and finally recycle them without any problems - this is how future-proofing works.

A job for specialists

strong solutions for challenging applications


glancing upwards without glare

Large, windowless halls with high shelf constructions and relatively narrow aisles: welcome to the classic warehouse. Employees must be able to move quickly and safely in the aisles. Either on foot or by forklift truck. They must also not be subjected to glare during sorting and picking of the merchandise. The ideal lighting solution: highly efficient, high-lumen output and durable luminaires with narrow or narrow-wide distribution optics and high glare control. For areas with low picking activities, operating costs can be further reduced by use of a light management system with presence detection.

Highbay racking

maximum quality for high rooms

Typical for warehouses with highbay racking are high ceilings, narrow aisles and many shelf levels. These are optimum working conditions for high-lumen output TRILUX lighting systems with narrow distribution optics. With their outstanding glare control they ensure perfectly illuminated routes and merchandise. They are also particularly economical thanks to high energy efficiency, even at high light output levels. Further advantages: maximum reliability and a long service life – these are important factors because maintenance work below the ceiling is complex and cost-intensive.

Our expertise for your success

TRILUX Services quickly and reliably achieve perfect industrial lighting

The LED transformation and digitisation, connectivity and big data offer enormous possibilities. At the same time though the selection, configuration and operation of a modern lighting installation is becoming increasingly demanding for users. TRILUX makes this complexity manageable for you. With comprehensive advice. And also with intelligent solutions that set new standards in terms of energy efficiency, quality of light and connectivity, as well as a wide range of customer-oriented services.

LiveLink light management - intelligence in the industry.

Simple networking of the lighting for control via sensors. Minimisation of energy consumption. Independent notification of maintenance requirements. Individual interaction with users.

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Digital services – analyse, optimise and profit

With TRILUX Digital Services you have all the operating parameters of your networked lighting system at hand and under control – for example you can optimise energy consumption, or else adapt maintenance cycles to real requirements thanks to predictive maintenance.

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Project management – TRILUX as your general contractor

If needs be, we can coordinate all tasks related to your lighting for you so that you can concentrate on your core business – from consulting, mounting and installation to operation and maintenance.

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Consulting – our know-how for your project

Technology, control and networking – modern lighting systems offer almost infinite possibilities. You can quickly and easily find the solution that suits you best thanks to our comprehensive and competent advice.

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Technical services – simply outsource work

Drilling, screw-fastening, removing, wiring, programming – on request we can take over the disassembly and professional disposal of your old system as well as installation and commissioning of your new lighting system.

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Financing – reliably finding best solution

Buy, rent or lease – or perhaps you prefer consumption-based financing (light as a service)? Together with you we draw up the ideal financing solution for your project. And on request balance sheet-neutrally and without own investments. 

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Human Centric Lighting in industry

The main thing is standard-compliant light? Companies are able to go one step further with Human Centric Lighting (HCL): due to their excellent quality of light, HCL solutions not only ensure optimum visual conditions and thus maximum safety at work. HCL also brings "natural daylight" into the building interior – thus strengthening the well-being, concentration and biological rhythm of employees.

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Perfect for your industrial sector

Tailor-made light

Precisely fitting systems for more safety, economy and comfort: Every industry, company and area of application is a small world in itself. This is why our solutions are as diverse as the industry itself. Tailor-made lighting systems for your individual requirements reduce operating costs while simultaneously increasing safety, productivity, well-being and comfort. Networking, cloud applications, IoT? It's all possible with TRILUX solutions!

Ancillary areas – holistic instead of secondary

Tailor-made lighting solutions are also required for entrance areas, stairwells, corridors and offices, car parks, paths and facades. TRILUX always takes a holistic view of a building, and includes all areas inside the building and the outdoor areas around the building in the planning. The result is tailor-made lighting concepts in which all technical and design aspects are from a single cast.


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