LED outdoor Lighting by TRILUX

Designing Open Spaces sustainably

Our LED outdoor lighting is not only "at home" on the street. It also provides sustainable, resource-saving light around the building: from parking lots to paths and entrance areas to factory roads, storage and logistics areas. Good for people - because light creates safety, orientation and a sense of well-being. Good for the environment - with luminaires that take insects and the dark sky into account, save energy with smart technology, are designed to be maintenance-friendly and are made of recyclable materials.

TRILUX stands for individual, holistic solution competence in LED outdoor lighting - from sophisticated planning to careful implementation and customer-friendly, comprehensive service. TRILUX makes sustainable decisions easy: SIMPLIFY YOUR LIGHT.

Sustainable outdoor lighting

Good for people, good for the environment

Intelligence is sustainable

Lighting management networks individual light points into intelligent, adaptive systems. This saves energy and protects the environment. LiveLink Outdoor is the TRILUX solution for light management in outdoor spaces.

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Energy-saving LED technology

Over 90% of a luminaire's carbon footprint is accounted for by the use phase. Highly efficient LEDs and optics minimize energy consumption

Pleasant - even for insects

LED light colors down to 2200K, sealed enclosures and reduced temperatures on surfaces take wildlife into consideration

Intelligently networkable

Digital control interfaces, adaptive lighting technology and prepared bases for sensors: TRILUX luminaires are ready for smart light management, for example with LiveLink Outdoor

Stray light arm for the "Dark Sky

Avoid light pollution with 0% Upward Light Ratio - for a starry, dark sky at night

Durable and easy to maintain

Up to 100,000 h is the life expectancy of our LED. The entire luminaires are durable, revisable and constructed from recyclable materials

Energy efficiency

in the outdoor sector

TRILUX outdoor luminaires combine pioneering and high quality design, from classic to modern, with high-efficiency LED technology. The luminaires also feature very simple mounting and maintenance. The use of TRILUX LED luminaires with light management systems enables savings exceeding 80% compared to obsolete lighting installations.

Energy consumption in kWh per annum

LED Outdoor luminairs

Successful lighting projects in the outdoor sector


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TRILUX supports you with the implementation of future-orientated lighting solutions. With a wide service and product portfolio, these range from auditing the existing lighting on location and designing the new system to financing, installation, maintenance and operating services.

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