Arnsberg, May 2024 – For over 30 years, TRILUX has been setting standards in the industry with its E-Line continuous line. Now, the German leader in professional lighting has leveraged its extensive knowledge of trunking and industry standards to create a new pioneering system. At the heart of the new E-Line Pro is an innovative trunking profile with a continuous power supply, offering maximum flexibility and user-friendly installation. This is complemented by an extensive portfolio of optics, luminaire inserts, function modules and IoT modules, catering to the diverse needs of industry, office, education and retail environments.

Thoughtful Design 

new support profile, new installation concept

More flexibility, design, sustainability and easy installation - the new E-Line Pro continuous line was developed with these aspects in mind. With its modern, clean look and a wide selection of application-specific optics, E-Line Pro extends its use far beyond traditional industrial applications. Another unique feature is its high efficiency of up to 207 lm/W for low energy consumption and CO² footprint. The impressive system has already won the iF Design Award 2024.

The new support profile of the E-Line Pro has a continuous circuit with options for 7 or 13-pole. This allows for 100% flexible positioning of gear trays (luminaire inserts and function modules) along the continuous line. The mounting concept has also been completely redesigned from the ground up. Couplings, inserts and modules snap into place with a clearly audible click, signalling a secure electrical and mechanical connection. Additionally, the profile is clearly marked with the running direction of the continuous line, , simplifying and speeding up installation while minimising errors. This makes the E-Line Pro continuous line the easiest continuous-row lighting system on the market to plan, install, and, if necessary, dismantle.

21 application-specific optics 

and more

E-Line Pro offers exactly the right light for every application with its 21 application-specific optical systems. The spectrum ranges from solutions with high glare control (UGR<19) for offices, to Ra>90 for excellent natural colour rendering, to ConVision optics or the highest quality of light.Human Centric Lighting (HCL), solutions are also available, dynamically changing light colour during the day to mimic natural sunlight, creating a particularly natural lighting atmosphere. Furthermore, a module for indirect light is available for the first time. The range is completed with a wide selection of function modules, accentuating spotlights, emergency lighting, sensors and IoT modules. A practical online configurator aids in selecting and configuring the continuous-row lighting system.

Customization artist 

one light line, many applications

Thanks to its broad portfolio of optics and components as well as extensive configuration options, the E-Line Pro continuous line excels in a wide range of applications.


the professional for every challenge


Whether high lumen packages or protection ratings, the E-Line Pro continuous line delivers tailored, high-quality light, ensuring a safe working environment even in demanding production and storage areas. Its high energy efficiency keeps operating costs permanently low, while groundbreaking installation and maintenance minimize operational interruptions and maximize productivity. Lighting management, sensors and emergency lighting are all possible!


reduce costs, enhance the shopping experience


From appealing ambient lighting in the sales areas to optimally illuminated aisles and shelves, and perfectly staged goods, the E-Line Pro continuous line offers the right solution for every retail lighting need with its precise optics and accentuating spotlight modules. If the product range or use of space changes, luminaire inserts and functional modules can be flexibly swapped out. Other selling point include top efficiency and service life.

Office und Education

from desk work to lounge ambience

The E-Line Pro continuous line scores highly in the education and office sectors with its exceptionally glare-free and uniform light. Wherever required, UGR<19 is just as possible as HCL, accentuating spotlights or pleasant ceiling illumination via an indirect module. The result is an attractive learning and working environment that can be easily and flexibly adapted to future challenges thanks to its modular system design.

Smart and future-ready? Of course it is!

The up to 13-core continuous power supply is designed with the future in mind. It not only ensures a reliable power supply and provides space for DALI-controlled lighting management, allowing the continuous line to function as an infrastructure channel. For example, sensors, IoT components and emergency lighting modules can be easily integrated via plug and play using free cables. If required, the E-Line Pro can be quickly, easily and safely connected to the LiveLink light management system, increasing the ease of use, transparency, efficiency and sustainability of the system. In addition, a holistic sustainability concept includes material and resource-saving production, an intelligent packaging concept, and efficient logistics with short distances. Conveniently, the E-Line Pro continuous line is manufactured entirely at the TRILUX headquarters in Arnsberg, ensuring quality made in Germany, short distance supply chains, and complete freedom for quick customer and project-specific adaptations.