Is it possible to design an office that employees will want to come to for pleasure? 3,000 square meters, 78 rooms, a common space conducive to networking, all overlooking the vibrant city and the Bay of Gdansk. GetResponse and ClickMeeting - these two companies have found a recipe for space under the slogan WELL - BEING! We are happy that as TRILUX we were part of this project. Take a short tour - the WOW effect is guaranteed!

Starting from a home loft in Gdynia to the NEON office building, which is part of the Alchemia complex in Gdansk. This is the path taken by two companies - GetRepsonse and ClickMeeting, which are united by the person of the founder - Szymon Grabowski.

GetResponse is a tool for online marketing automation - with its help you will build an address database, send newsletters and even create professional websites.

ClickMeeting is a platform for webinars - from small, internal online meetings to expert events, to huge conferences. When you create such a start-up in the early days of the Internet era you are a visionary.

This approach is also evident in the design of the new office - simply COSMOS!

New Work

An office from another planet

Space is the theme of the site. The design was developed so that employees could explore a piece of the universe every day. The various rooms, depending on their function, have taken the names of planets, stars, constellations, as well as explorers. This can also be seen in the interior design elements or lighting. The uniqueness of the office, however, is not only the visually coherent space, but its entire concept, which is perfectly in line with the idea of NEW WORK.

NEW WORK binds together all aspects of an ideal modern workspace. We're talking about adaptation to a hybrid or remote system. NEW WORK also influences the approach to the design of office spaces, which become less formal and support the well-being of employees - both physical and emotional. On the 9th floor of Gdansk's NEON office building, you'll find special spaces for co-working or quiet work zones, and calming vegetation is an integral part of the design. Will you ask about the game room and relax room? They couldn't be missing here!

Speed of light in cosmic space

Light is an integral part of our everyday reality. At TRILUX, we believe that WHERE THERE IS LIGHT, THERE IS LIFE. What role does light play in the project for investors?

When creating the space, we had in mind that properly selected lighting, including the color, will positively affect the comfort and well-being of the employee and at the same time emphasize the character and design of the interior. In consultation with the designers, we decided to use fixtures emitting light with a color of 3,000 K - that is, warm. In addition, aiming to achieve the effect of a cozy interior, we use light scene options that create visually appealing spaces that are conducive to joint work and relaxation.

An important aspect for us was also the use of a lighting control system and adjusting it to the individual needs of employees in each office space. – says Hanna Stopa, Chief Financial Officer at GetResponse.

We successfully combined aesthetic, functional requirements and office lighting regulations. The space concept was quite a challenge, but it also turned out to be the fun we like best - the play of light! There was no question of compromises - unconventional luminaire design without compromising on the quality of light and parameters that support the performance of daily duties - you will find all this in the GetResponse and ClickMeeting office! 

Note the office spaces where we have installed pendant linear luminaires that allow independent control of two light streams. The lower one - aimed directly at working areas, the upper one - at the ceiling, which, reflecting on its surface, illuminates the room with indirect light. The combination of this type of solution with spotlighting luminaires and the ability to control the stream of luminaires, creates a whole characterized by high uniformity of lighting, energy efficiency and low glare friendly to the human eye, says Łukasz Sierocki, Project Manager, TRILUX Polska, about the lighting in the project.


TRILUX carried out this project with ILNEDRO - acting as project manager of the project as well as technical and cost supervision on the part of the Investor. So, why were we the first choice?

When choosing suppliers for our clients, we pay special attention to the quality and systemic completeness of the proposed solutions. In addition to the above-mentioned features of the luminaires, TRILUX is distinguished by very good cooperation during the development of the project, including the availability of specialists and immediate response to design changes implying the need to adjust the project in the area of lighting.

TRILUX designers were actively involved in the process of creating the architectural concept. In the case of changes in the layout of rooms, they immediately applied modifications to the lighting design, proposing cost-optimal and aesthetically pleasing solutions in terms of composition - answers Krzysztof Marszałek, CEO at ILNEDRO.

And how are things when it comes to office ecology? The entire NEON building has received LEED certification at the highest level - Platinum - and a BREEAM In-Use certificate at the Excellent level - TRILUX solutions are perfectly in line with the green building strategy and standards.