Logistical miracles are achieved each and every day at hygi.de, Germany's largest online dispatcher of cleaning products. To ensure this continues in the future the company decided to construct a new headquarters in Telgte. They now benefit not only from lean operational procedures but also from an ideal energy balance. Compared to the previous location around two thirds less power is used, made possible with efficient LED luminaires from TRILUX and an ambitious lighting concept that, amongst other factors completely dispenses with light switches.

HCL-based lighting generates the right light in offices and conference rooms.

On entering a room at hygi.de you notice straight away that something is different. "You can't find a light switch anywhere throughout our complete building," explained Christian Bleser, Managing Director at hygi.de. Switches are not needed because the complete lighting installation is automatically controlled by the intelligent light system. The presence control functions so reliably that nobody misses the switches. A single exception is the conference room which has just one "relic from times past".

The consistent and almost uncompromising strive for energy efficiency is also apparent in other areas. Both the building complex with a length of 133 metres and width of 132 metres and the outside areas have been equipped throughout with around 1,000 LED systems from TRILUX. LiveLink – the intelligent light management system from the Arnsberg lighting specialists was also installed to further cut energy consumption in the building. As a consequence each of the 4,500m² hall areas are subdivided into 16 sectors. If a worker enters one of these sectors the lighting is activated, whereas corresponding luminaires are switched off if the system detects no activity in one of the pre-defined areas for more than three minutes. Incidentally, thanks to LED technology, the TRILUX luminaires are switch-stable – frequent switching on and off has no negative effects due to their construction design.

The daylight control functions somewhat more "softly" than simply on and off, ensuring a constant lighting level throughout the building in accordance with the ingress of sunshine. The lighting system functions automatically and is connected to the building management system via LiveLink.

Lighting in the offices is based on the HCL principle, positively affecting the well-being and performance capability of the hygi.de employees by supporting their biological rhythm. The lighting installation generates light corresponding precisely to the normal daytime sequence of sunlight. Blue and red components in the light are varied according to the time of day. Blue light has a stimulaating effect on people whereas red light calms. "The employees are completely enthusiastic about it. The frequently experienced afternoon sleepiness is avoided, they concentrate better and even sleep better at night," said a pleased Christian Bleser.

For the hygi.de managers the lighting concept throughout the new construction worked out well, proving its worth in daily practice. "If other companies want to take a look on-site they're certainly welcome. We're glad to be a reference."

Light only where needed – the warehouse is sub-divided into sectors equipped with presence sensors.

No light switches at all: "switchless" times at hygi.de in the offices as well.

Project information

  • Construction authority
    hygi.de Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG
    Telgte, Germany
  • Building
    New construction of distribution centre
  • Architect
    Pfeiffer Ellermann Preckel
  • TRILUX product series
    8841 LED, Elle LED, Athenik Ligra Plus LED, LateraloPlus: LED, Aragon LED, SolvanD LED, E-Line LED, Mirona QXS LED, Siella LED, Ridos LED, Belviso C2 LED