These are the wishes of both planners and users with regard to the light management system of the future. TRILUX’s response to these wishes in cooperation with Steinel is LiveLink, an innovative light management system.

Generally speaking, light management systems have the task either of adjusting the lighting to the prevailing ambient conditions or running a previously set scenario.

What sets LiveLink apart from existing systems is firstly the simple planning, startup and installation as well as the intuitive operation, and secondly the option to subsequently adjust the scenarios created. Precisely coordinated software and apps make for user-friendly operation. Preinstalled “use cases” (preconfigured application

examples) ensure the optimum interplay of lights, sensors and switches and currently cover 80 percent of applications, from offices to schools and hospitals to businesses. There are pre-settings, for example, for controlling the various (groups of) lights: fully or semi-automatic, via presence detector, via switch, with or without constant lighting control. Configuration and start-up are run via tablet (password protected) and take just a few minutes. The terminal links up to the LiveLink controller via Wi-Fi and first conducts a DALI bus scan.

Here all the lights, sensors and switches in the system are automatically registered and given an address. Then the installer can use drag and drop to assign the lights to the luminaire groups in use cases. In the final step further scenarios can be defined and assigned to the switches. Should requirements change later on, for instance if the space is put to new use, the settings can be easily modified via app.

As such, for classrooms or conference rooms the user can select a presentation scenario that dims the programmed lights until the end of the talk. This function is just one of the predefined use cases that TRILUX is constantly expanding and adapting to user needs. LiveLink can also be used in existing buildings: The basic prerequisites are two existing or newly installed DALI lines and DALI dimmable lights.


Intelligent light will revolutionise our everyday lives just like the invention of the incandescent lamp once did. Light is able to support healing processes, improve our ability to concentrate and perform and increase our well-being and safety.

What else does this revolution need? Light management that offers new functions via intelligence and that makes planning and installation extremely simple. We've combined our expertise and over a hundred years of lighting experience with that of the sensor technology specialist STEINEL to develop the LiveLink intelligent system.