An essential part of our Lighting Designer Léon de Wit is to work with Relux. This is a Swiss program which is leader in BIM solutions that he uses for making lighting calculations.

What are the particularities from Relux, and how can it make our work easier?

Léon de Wit: The Relux software is ready for the future as it is connected to BIM and Revit. BIM - Building Information Modelling - not only includes 3D modelling, but also design, construction, collaboration and many other features. An efficient way to deliver better project outcomes.

Relux enables better communication and information exchange between customer and manufacturer. Revit is a software which support BIM by allowing us to create a structured, intelligent model with information stored in.

Can you tell us three advantages Relux has in comparison to Dialux?


Léon de Wit:Firstly, Relux tries to design the software in a way that perfectly fits our market. Secondly, you can export a building/room similar to a file directly into Relux. And the third reason is that they implement their software within the "outerdesk revit" program. Therefore, you work side by side, shoulder to shoulder, which is a major advantage.

You mentioned the function to export a building as a file into the Relux software. Can you please explain it in a more detailed way?

Léon de Wit: Yes, that is the function I use the most. I receive a Revit file with a building which is made by an architect, including all the colors and all the room elements chosen by the architect. Then I can use the room, floor, building or the external environment and export them with a few mouse clicks into the software Relux.

It makes my work way easier, and I do not have to make drafts by hand anymore. I can directly use it for my lighting calculation. Furthermore, it is also possible to make changes in the room or building, thus it is a dynamic building and not a static one.

Next week there is a seminar regarding this topic. What can we learn there? And why should we not miss it?

Léon de Wit: I am looking forward to meeting all the lighting designers and customers from our markets. I will try to excite you with my enthusiastic about Relux and show you all the features and advantages. So in general the agenda will looks like that I start with introducing the basic functions first, followed by all the possibilities Revit offers. The key takeaway I hope everybody can take home from this seminar is to understand the opportunities, when it should be used and for what it can be used, so everybody is able to use it by themselves.