In large floor areas, side windows are often insufficient to supply the complete depth of the space with daylight. In this project, the central foyer was even originally cut off completely from any daylight.

The foyer in the boardroom storey is now illuminated with a large luminous wall that can be configured with dynamic scenes instead of individual luminaires. The wall surrounds a space with an elliptical layout that accommodates a kitchenette, photocopying machine and server space, while the fenestrated outer shell serves as a projection screen for diverse light scenes.

It is also possible to configure lighting conditions in this room zone that comply with current standards without installing other luminaires.

Around 60,000 LEDs are located behind the glass lamination and opaque film layer to form a matrix of pixels with each point consisting of a red, green, blue and white LED. These RGB+W LEDs can be set to various colour and dimming values using DMX control.

Users can therefore choose whether they use the wall as a homogeneously illuminated surface or whether they project it with static or dynamic images and patterns with low resolution – the light object definitely creates impressive effects in the space.