TRILUX luminaires display Meschede’s jewel

It always helps to dress up if you want to connect to a wider audience. Precisely this is what happened in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Meschede where a central meeting point on the lake was skilfully upgraded. Tourists and citizens can now once again use the area for strolling and as an event location: the prestigious multi-million Euro project is illuminated in perfect light by TRILUX.

Another eye-catcher is the cliff wall on the bank of the Hennesee. The impressive stone cliff that can only be seen from the crest of the dam shines in the light of Faciella LED projectors. "Two of the six luminaires wash green light onto the wall to reflect and emphasise the colour of the trees," explained Stefan Metzner, Head of Outdoor Luminaires at TRILUX.

During the hours of darkness more than 30 LED bollard luminaires guide the way along the path around the lake that winds through a small wood to the jetty. Light columns were also installed here, and the ConStela LED forms a visual connection between the crest of the dam and the jetty, linking these two striking locations.

It is already apparent that the complete area has found full acceptance with citizens. "In twilight and early morning hours a special atmosphere exists on the top of the dam and a lot of people from Meschede go walking or jogging there in the evenings," said a pleased Rafael Czochara.

Feedback from the locals has been positive throughout and for this reason further bollard luminaires will be installed to enhance the upgrading of this local recreation area – an investment that definitely pays off, also thanks to the high energy efficiency of the LED luminaires.

Project information

  • Construction authority
    Meschede town council, Germany
  • Building
    New design of a local recreational area at Hennesee with dam, dam crest, path, cliff wall and jetty.
  • TRILUX product ranges
    8 light columns: ConStela 23 Basic 110LR-AB1L/4500FP 60
    30 bollard luminaires: 8841ÜAb AO1/700-740 ET 26
    4 projectors: Faciella 20 RB1R/3800-830
    2 projectors: Faciella 20 RB2L/2500-green

"Our aim was tobring the lake closer to the town centre," explained Rafael Czochara from Meschede town council. The idea for the Henneboulevard came from the pathway that leads from the so-called Himmelstreppe (‘Heaven's Steps’) to the retaining wall of the dam. From this location walkers pass over the dam to reach a path along a cliff wall up to the jetty on the lake’s shore. Several impressive light columns from TRILUX

function as 'prongs' on the 60 metre-high crest of the dam. These display the path along the artificial lake in an ideal manner and provide walkers with extra safety thanks to their highly homogeneous illumination. Something else was also important for the municipal administrators – thanks to the professional lighting the space on the retaining wall can now also be used to host events.