Arnsberg, February 2023 – Due to lamp bans, high energy costs and ambitious sustainability goals, renovating inefficient conventional lighting solutions with LED lights is currently one of the most urgent and economically sensible tasks for companies. But how do customers quickly and easily find the right 1:1 renovation solution for their individual projects? TRILUX provides the answer with the TRILUX refurbishment tool.

Nowadays, most companies are aware of the fact that renovating their outdated lighting is necessary and can no longer be postponed. What most companies are struggling with now, is how to find the right solution for their project, especially regarding the efficiency, applicability and costs. That is why TRILUX developed the refurbishment assistant. This clever online tool supports customers in finding the perfect 1:1 renovation solution for their requirements. A special feature is the intuitive step-by-step process, which quickly presents the user with a suitable solution, even if not all lighting data of the old system is available. After just a few steps, customers can find out which solutions can be used to convert the existing lighting, including the individual savings potential. In addition, the software significantly reduces the planning effort compared to classic product research via online catalogues. The refurbishment assistant thus makes an important contribution to further accelerating the LED transformation.

Simple and efficient

Three-step process with intuitive user guidance


The right renovation solution is determined in a three-stage process. In the first step, details of the existing system and future room use are queried (feature query). If the conventional luminaire comes from TRILUX, users can alternatively start directly with the TOC, TK or designation of the luminaire, whereupon the corresponding photometric data is automatically transferred to the system. The refurbishment assistant then suggests suitable series and luminaires for the project and immediately indicates the savings potential. At the end of the process, the selected luminaires must be validated again. Customers can save the results, compare them and transfer them to the TRILUX ONE online sales and service portal as an order list. 

Thanks to the simple user guidance, the refurbishment tool can be used immediately and intuitively. In addition, TRILUX explains the basic functions of the tool in four short introductory videos. The approximately two-minute video tutorials can be found in the refurbishment section of the website. 

Tips und Tools

Everything you need to know on one site 

For a transparent and efficient decision-making process, TRILUX has bundled everything around the topic of refurbishment in a separate website area at refurbishment. In addition to information on the legal framework (lamp ban, RoHS directive), users can find many clever tips and tools, starting with a renovation checklist and concrete calculation examples of practical references in a wide variety of applications. "Renovation affects industrial warehouses and municipal outdoor areas as well as offices, schools and supermarkets," explains graduate physicist Arno Eversmeyer (Lighting Applications department at TRILUX). He continues: "With our extremely broad portfolio, which has been extensively optimized to make it easy to renovate, we have the perfect solution for every case."