Snowleader, an e-commerce specialist for mountain sports equipment with a range of over 20,000 products and 400 brands, recently opened a state-of-the-art logistics center in Versoud, Isère. The company sought a high-quality, energy-efficient lighting solution for the 25,000 square meter site and found the perfect partner in TRILUX. We impressed them with our comprehensive turnkey approach, covering luminaire supply and installation, lighting management, monitoring, and financing.

Snowleader specializes in the distribution of ski and mountain equipment; it aims to become the premier online retailer of outdoor equipment while upholding its commitment to environmental sustainability. An important step in this growth strategy is the new distribution center in Isère, constructed on a former logistics site. Spanning 25,000 square meters and equipped with an automated storage and retrieval system (AutoStore), four times larger than the previous facility, the center is designed to process 350 parcels per hour. Ultimately, the company aims to dispatch one million parcels annually within three years.


Over 84 percent energy savings

The main focus of this extensive refurbishment project was sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Outdated iodide luminaires were replaced with 400 Mirona Fit LEDs LEDs - TRILUX‘s high-bay luminaire, an all-rounder for demanding environments. With a service life of 100,000 hours even at high ambient temperatures, the luminaire is not only exceptionally durable and low-maintenance. With its consistently uniform and glare-free light, it actively enhances occupational safety while also saving money!


Thanks to the high energy efficiency of the Mirona Fit LED, up to 170 lm/W, lighting energy costs are significantly reduced compared to the previous conventional solution, achieving over 84% savings with the LiveLink light management system. This means that the system pays for itself after just 32 months. Snowleader is financing the new installation with the savings achieved by LEDs.

Intelligent light management with LiveLink Premium

For optimal efficiency and transparency, the high-bay luminaires were networked with the TRILUX LiveLink Premium light management system and combined with presence and daylight sensors.

LiveLink Premium offers tailored lighting management for large-scale projects, whether in industrial plants, logistics halls, office buildings, schools or retail. This server-based solution is fully scalable and facilitates the control of simple installations through to complex projects with several hundred luminaires. The system comprises a server, network components, and DALI gateways interfacing with the building management system.

Jérémy Tourn, Facility Manager at Snowleader, explains: "The intelligent and user-friendly LiveLink system makes our everyday operations much easier. In addition to being easy to use, it provides the right light for every requirement, for example, by defining specific work areas, programming schedules, and much more, while giving us a comprehensive overview of our lighting installation. Motion and daylight sensors automatically adjust the lighting level, and the networking of the luminaires ensures a flexible solution for future infrastructure upgrades."

The online monitoring and remote control of luminaires via a cloud interface and TRILUX monitoring services are particularly convenient. Extensive analysis and reporting functions provide real-time data on all relevant operating parameters, such as energy consumption and operating time, laying the foundation for innovative services like predictive maintenance.