Lighting Design with Long Range Effect

Two strong players have come together in the Volkswagen Arena: as the official lighting partner of the German football league club VfL Wolfsburg, TRILUX, market leader for professional lighting in Germany, has implemented two projects – the TRILUX Lounge and the honour area.

In national league stadiums emotions go up and down like a roller coaster in a matter of seconds, and carefully matched colour and lighting concepts support these changes of mood. "We aid the fascination of football with the medium of light," emphasised Sabine Brunner, Head of Corporate Architecture at TRILUX. The lighting concept, completely implemented with LED technology, is hardly static though – various light scenes can be

though – various light scenes can be called during all phases of the match. Sabine Brunner adds: "Lighting is modified to the atmosphere in the stadium. Before the game the mood is excited and the light is slightly dimmed, but accents are set with projectors that guide attention onto the essential components. In the half-time break when the mood is at its peak, light is dimmed down to a pleasant level to calm feelings."

"The VfL logo is bathed in green light and the VW logo in blue. That's what makes the fascinating atmosphere of light there, especially at dimmed lighting levels," stated Sabine Brunner. TRILUX developed special luminaires to implement this solution that ensure complete glare elimination from all possible viewing angles.

Both refurbishment projects in the Volkswagen Arena represent not only examples of a convincing lighting design, but also of a highly successful collaboration between two strong partners. Many small halogen projectors were used previously, whereas the installed TRILUX LED systems have now raised energy efficiency to a "champions league level".