Sustainability only works if all parties participate. TRILUX sets an example and takes its partners with it along the value chain.

TRILUX is a signatory of the "ZVEI Code of Conduct". This industry guideline defines the meaning of social responsibility, particularly with regard to working conditions, social and environmental compatibility as well as transparency, trusting cooperation and dialogue. All signing parties undertake to ensure compliance with the content of the guideline regarding their suppliers in the downstream value chain.

TRILUX reserves the right to verify compliance with the delivery conditions via audit. A part of these evaluations are explicit proofs of sustainable action in economic, ecological and social respects. 

At TRILUX, the entire supply chain is integrated into the ISO 9001 certified quality management system. The monitoring, evaluation and further development of suppliers are thus essential obligations. Strict specifications are in place for their selection, and their evaluation is not only based on quality factors but also on sustainability criteria.

The safety and health of customers have maximum priority for TRILUX across the entire life cycle of its products. This ranges from design and development to procurement and production and includes the entire service life up to correct disposal and, in best cases, the recycling of utilised raw materials, auxiliary materials and consumables.

We accompany the entire development process with a hazard analysis (FMEA), particularly regarding potential risks to product safety. This assessment is regularly updated.

TRILUX complies with all relevant legal requirements and specifications from standards and directives as a matter of course. TRILUX also carries out safety tests in its own test laboratory.

However, regular examinations of the products with regard to their effects on health and safety are also implemented by independent third parties and accredited testing institutes. As a consequence, TRILUX products bear national and international safety markings.

With their high quality of light, TRILUX products are an important component in lighting concepts designed to promote health, performance and well-being. Such applications are implemented for example in logistics, trade, production, offices, health and education, retail outlets, hotels and restaurants and sports facilities. The prerequisite for exploiting such product benefits is professional lighting design and proper use of the lighting technology.

This is the reason why TRILUX provides product-, lighting design- and application-related information far beyond the prescribed scope and tailored to the respective target group. Such information ranges from extensive planning support and the latest findings on the effect of light on organisms to cross-sectional topics such as data security and green building.

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