Faciella Slim

powerful performance in a compact design

The challenge

LED technology not only raises quality of light and efficiency to a new level – it also enables the development of much smaller, more attractive spotlights with a higher lumen output for outdoor use. Further central themes are light control and connectivity.

The solution

Ideal for imposing architecture that needs to be attractively illuminated: the Faciella Slim spotlight is available in three sizes with various beam characteristics and lumen packages. As a result it masters even the most demanding lighting tasks with ease, such as the display and staging of substantial buildings. And Faciella Slim not only scores points with its excellent lighting technology and quality of light. The elegant and extremely slender spotlight also visually blends harmoniously into any surroundings.

Advantages in lighting design

Anything's possible – adaptable in terms of size, lighting technology and luminous flux

The Faciella Slim spotlight is available in three sizes and can be equipped with luminous flux packages between 1,000 and 7,500 lumens. By combining with the right lighting technology – up to four different beam characteristics can be selected from – any building can be crisply displayed and illuminated.

Slender and lightweight – looks good everywhere

Thanks to LED: The new Faciella Slim spotlight is uniquely lightweight and slim. This allows almost universal uses in the outdoor sector.

Future-proof thanks to light management

Light control and networking are also becoming increasingly important in outdoor applications. This is what Faciella Slim has been designed for: it can be effortlessly networked with the LiveLink light management system and offers users extensive options for convenient control and monitoring of the outdoor lighting.  

Benefits during installation

All ready for connection – with pre-assembled cable

Faciella Slim is supplied completely ready-for-connection with a pre-assembled cable. Because the luminaire no longer has to be opened for connection, installation effort is thus reduced to a minimum. 

Simple networking – quick, safe and clean

This is how simple networking can be: the Faciella Slim spotlight can be quickly and easily integrated via plug & play into the LiveLink light management system in a cloud-based lighting network. 

Infinitely variable swivelling – for precise alignment

Faciella Slim can be steplessly swivelled horizontally and the vertical inclination angle can also be steplessly adjusted. This enables simple, fast and precise alignment of the spotlight.

Mounting made easy – extensive accessories

From post strap to ground stake: using the right accessories, Faciella Slim can be simply and flexibly installed to walls, ground or posts.

Advantages in operation

Outstanding light – for all areas around buildings

A uniformly illuminated facade, a perfectly displayed object, a cleanly illuminated company sign – the Faciella Slim spotlight always provides the perfect light everywhere. This enables effective and atmospheric illumination and display of the area around the building.

An attractive design

An eye-catcher instead of dazzler: with its compact construction and classically simple design, the Faciella Slim spotlight blends harmoniously into any architecture, from classic to modern.

Designed for any wind and weather

One that's guaranteed to hold tight: the high protection rating of Faciella Slim permanently and reliably prevents moisture from penetrating – even after years of operation in adverse weather conditions.

Resistant – and tough

When the going gets tough: with its high impact resistance, Faciella Slim can withstand even strong impacts and knocks.

Outdoor intelligence – simple networking and light control

The Faciella Slim spotlight can be quickly and easily networked via the LiveLink light management system and conveniently controlled and monitored via the cloud. The spotlights are DALI dimmable, enabling optimum illumination of buildings with minimum energy consumption.

Three sizes and all possibilities

Multi-storey facades or a sign in the entrance zone – with its three different sizes Faciella Slim can cope with any task outdoors.  

Ideally combined for customised light

Up to four different beam characteristics – especially for the illumination of classic outdoor areas – as well as a wide selection of luminous flux packages guarantee perfectly illuminated surfaces, buildings and objects.

Slender and lightweight – and suitable anywhere

Thanks to LED technology: the Faciella Slim spotlight is especially slim and lightweight, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Intelligent – light management for outdoor spotlights

More intelligence for outdoor luminaires: Faciella Slim spotlights can be quickly and easily networked, controlled and monitored via the LiveLink light management system.

Technische Features

Types (sizes) three sizes
Mounting methods ground- and wall mounting
Glare reduction  
Energy efficiency up to 95 lm/W
Lumen packages 1.000 – 7.500 lm
Service life tbd
Colour rendering / colour temperatures CRI > 80
3.000 K, 4.000 K
Connected load 27W – 80W
Light distribution narrow, medium, wide, asymmetric (only sizes 2 & 3)
Electrical version ETDD
Protection rating / safety class IP66, IK10 maximum
Sensor technology none
Control DALI
Luminaire colour DB703

Faciella Slim LED
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