Mirona Fit LED

minimum dimensions with maximum power

The challenge

Higher temperatures, humidity, flying sparks, fumes and vibrations: tough conditions exist in industrial production bays. It's not just the production plant that needs to cope with such conditions but also the lighting. The problem: maintenance is difficult and comes with high costs particularly in halls with high ceilings. In such situations luminaires are needed that are extremely reliable, durable and with low maintenance while at the same time emitting uniform, glare-free light. 

The solution

Mirona Fit LED is the perfect lighting solution for challenging surroundings. This applies to storage and distribution centres, e.g. in heavy industry and food production, as well as to sports halls. With a service life of up to 100,000 hours and operating temperatures of up to 70°C, it is both extremely durable and reliable and requires hardly any maintenance during operation. In addition, it can be adapted to individual requirements and thus always ensures occupational safety in all areas with high lighting quality.


Saving energy

Mirona Fit LED

Advantages with lighting design

Wide design flexibility

Mirona Fit LED is available with several lumen packages and various beam characteristics, and can be optionally equipped with sensors and CLO (Constant Light Output) technology.  The luminaire can now also even be installed on E-Line LED gear trays. This flexibility provides lighting designers with major opportunities to implement many different lighting requirements in the industrial sector. The ball-proof Mirona Fit-SPO LED is also suitable for use in sports halls.

Convenient planning of large projects

Thanks to very high energy efficiency of up to 170 lm/W and high luminous flux packages with 10,000 lm - 70,000 lm, the luminaire reduces complexity of lighting design for large projects because fewer light points need to be planned. The best proof of this is the 52,000 lm version which enables two-to-one refurbishments. 

Intelligent control for even greater efficiency

As well as the base version, the sensor version of the Mirona Fit LED provides lighting designers with additional possibilities for increasing efficiency. Sensors detect occupancy and the LiveLink light management system adapts the light to the changing needs of differing work processes. 

Advantages during installation

Simpler installation thanks to lighter weight

According to lumen level and size, the LED luminaire weighs only 4 kg, 8 kg or 12 kg (52,000 lm). This relatively low weight simplifies mounting. 

Advantages during operation

Rapid payback

Due to its high energy efficiency, Mirona Fit LED significantly cuts operating costs compared to conventional lighting solutions. This means that the payback period for investment costs is quick and from that time onwards operators save real money with their lighting installation.

Flexible light solution

Mirona Fit LED, thanks to its wide range of versions, is so flexible that almost all lighting tasks in industry can be catered for. This adaptation capability enables operators to run lighting installations with a uniform look and design across rooms and across various buildings. Retroactive changes in room use are also no problem for the highly versatile luminaire. 

Ball-proof sports hall version

The rear side of the Mirona Fit-SPO LED version is reinforced. As a result the luminaire withstands the extreme conditions of being hit by flying balls in sports halls, while reliably ensuring continuously safe lighting.

Innovative thermal management for a long service life

Special cooling ribs along the LED modules ensure maximum air circulation, quick heat dissipation and optimum cooling of the luminaire. This intelligent thermal management not only gives the luminaire a long service life but also creates a chimney effect, ensuring that less dust collects on the top of the luminaire. This protection against dust deposits can be further optimised with the Mirona Fit ZDP accessory. 

Maintenance made easy

The Mirona Fit LED version with non-laminated safety glass also withstands flying sparks. At the same time the cover makes the luminaire easier to clean in the heavy industry sector.

Monitoring with LiveLink: keeping an eye on the lighting anytime and from anywhere

Using the intelligent LiveLink kit, operators can keep an eye on all lighting-relevant operating data – in real time. This enables proactive measures to be taken for optimising energy consumption and maintenance intervals. This minimises expensive failure times and via energy savings improves the CO2 balance. For operators this is a significant plus in terms of reliability and flexibility. 


Thanks to its number of versions it masters the diverse lighting tasks in industry


Especially reliable with low maintenance and long service life of 100,000 hours thanks to high IP65 protection rating and temperature-resistant materials


With its special lens optics it emits uniform, glare-free light

Quality of light

Promotes occupational safety in industry due to optimum visual comfort and quality of light


Greater security and flexibility due to monitoring of the operating data via intelligent LiveLink component

LiveLink Wireless-Solution

The LiveLink Wireless solution saves time and costs in refurbishment: no retrofitting of DALI control cables as well as easy commissioning / management of the wireless network with the LiveLink Install App.

Technical information

100,000 hours at ambient temperatures of up to 50°C; 90,000 hours at ambient temperatures of up to 70°C
Energy efficiency up to 170 lm/W
Flexibility thanks to various luminous flux packages from 10,000 lm to 70,000 lm as well as four beam characteristics (wide beam, deep wide beam, deep beam, high bay optics)
Optimum integration of sensors with presence detection and a light management system (e.g. LiveLink), LiveLink wireless solution for radio refurbishment
Optionally available with with CLO (Constant Light Output) technology
Thermal management for maximum air circulation and optimum cooling of the luminaire that simultaneously aggravates the depositing of dust particles on the luminaire
Optional Mirona Fit ZDP accessory for further dust protection
IP65 protection rating
MOR: Monitoring-ready
HACCP conformity
-Optional fixing bracket for wall mounting

-Can be mounted to E-Line LED gear trays

-Version with non-laminated safety glass provides protection from flying sparks and simplifies cleaning in heavy industry
DIN-certified ball-proof luminaire body of die-cast aluminium with reinforced rear
Available in two different luminous flux packages of 13,000 lm or 26,000 lm as ceiling surface-mounted solutions
Energy efficiency of up to 170 lm/W
50,000 hour service life at ambient temperatures of up to 50°C
Available with 4,000 K light colour

Mirona Fit LED
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