Skeo Z

cylindrical, practical, attractive

The challenge

The main issue in outdoor areas around buildings is standard-compliant illumination for safe orientation. Decorative lighting effects and luminaire design though are also becoming more important as design elements.

The solution

TRILUX completes the successful luminaire range with the cylindrical Skeo Z – the range also includes the rectangular Skeo R and the square Skeo Q. The luminaire can be optimally adapted to the specific lighting task by selecting the beam angle, luminous flux and light colour – and upgrades the surroundings with its high quality of light and elegant design. This makes it the ideal solution for achieving high quality lighting for outdoor areas around buildings, while at the same time attractively showcasing these areas.

Advantages in lighting design

Customised light

A true master of adaptation: Skeo Z can be equipped with either a wide or narrow distribution optic and with luminous flux packages of between 500 and 1,500 lumens. Skeo Z is also available with one-sided or two-sided light emission. There's no greater scope for standard-compliant and high-quality illumination.


Holistic – across borders

Thanks to its wide range of versions, Skeo Z is suitable for illuminating the complete area around buildings, e.g. facades, entrance areas and arcades. And the range of applications extends far beyond that. With their high quality of light and design quality, the luminaires also look great in corresponding indoor areas such as corridors and reception areas – thus enabling holistic lighting concepts across building frontiers.  

Benefits during installation

Top workmanship for simple installation

Maximum material quality and clean workmanship lay the foundation for quick and easy mounting.

An adjustable reflector for easy alignment

Skeo Z has a pivotable reflector that can be precisely adjusted with just a few flicks of the wrist. In this way, the light control can be quickly and easily adapted to the general conditions on location.

Advantages in operation

Designed for outdoors – durable and robust

Skeo Z was specially developed for the demanding requirements of outdoor use. Excellent manufacturing quality along with high protection ratings and classes make Skeo Z durable and robust. 

Upgrading the ambience – design and light effect

During the day, the elegant Skeo Z blends discreetly into the surroundings thanks to its purist design. At night it demonstrates its photometric expertise: depending on the version selected, it can optimally illuminate or highlight vertical outdoor areas such as facades.

Showcasing – supporting the architecture

Skeo Z comes optionally with one-sided or two-sided light emission. In combination with the right distribution characteristics, facades for example can be attractively illuminated and structures on buildings can be highlighted in a specific way – achieving stylish, atmospheric display of the architecture.

Great for the interior as well

Thanks to its elegant and discreet design, Skeo Z is also suitable for illuminating selected indoor areas such as staircases and entrance zones. The result is a uniform design style across building boundaries.

A flexible range, now even wider

Even more flexibility: with Skeo Z, the family now also includes a cylindrical version following the square version (Skeo Q) and rectangular version (Skeo R).  

Customised – everything according to your wishes

Lumen package, light colour and distribution characteristic – with Skeo Z, it can be perfectly adapted to the local conditions.

The beauty of simplicity

Skeo Z scores points especially with its timeless, classic design, high quality of light and robust, high-quality workmanship.

Across building frontiers

Thanks to its high quality design, Skeo Z is also suitable for illuminating certain indoor areas, e.g. stairways and stairwells. This enables lighting concepts in a uniform design style across building boundaries. 

Technische Features

Types (sizes) 220 mm x ∅ 172 mm
Mounting methods Wall mounting
Glare reduction  
Energy efficiency 45-90 lm/W
Lumen packages 500 – 1.500 lm
Service life tbd
Colour rendering / colour temperatures CRI > 80
3.000 K, 4.000 K
Connected load 11W – 22W
Light distribution wide, medium wide
Electrical version ET
Protection rating / safety class IP65, IK08
Sensor technology none
Control none
Luminaire colour DB703

Skeo Z LED
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