for eXtreme challenges

Applications with extreme challenges

The X-Range covers nearly all industrial application sectors: whether for agriculture, animal husbandry, food production or parking garages, the X-Range has been conceived for extreme challenges.

General applications

Ideal for all applications where damp, rough conditions exist.

Whether distribution halls, production facilities, cold stores or ancillary rooms – TRILUX weather-proof luminaires withstand seasonal temperature fluctuations as reliably as knocks, dust and humidity.

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Food industry

Where foodstuffs are industrially produced, processed or stored,

especially high hygienic and safety standards are needed, also regarding lighting.

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Car parks

Hardly any daylight but a lot of dust and dirt.

Weak light and dark zones create risks of accident and can generate a queasy feeling with users. Intelligent and reliable lighting can provide help in such situations by re-establishing the safety factor and additionally reducing the operating costs.

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Special areas with corrosive atmospheres

Gases and fumes in the ambient air are also a challenge for the lighting system.

Along with dirt, extreme temperatures and humidity, solvents, gases and fumes in the ambient air are also a challenge for the lighting system – if reactive gases enter the luminaire this reduces the service life and quality of light.

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Outdoor areas

Outdoor areas place high demands on luminaires, whether these are under canopies or not.

In addition to high humidity levels and temperature fluctuations from day to night, fumes, dirt and vibrations characterise the rough operating environment.

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