New regulations such as the Ecodesign, RoHS Directives and high energy prices are forcing operators to act quickly when it comes to lighting. Modernizing inefficient lighting systems enables considerable savings in energy costs. Every day lost costs money. Yet it can be so simple: TRILUX supports companies with a wide-ranging portfolio of solutions for all tasks relating to LED refurbishment. This impressed the Belgian company Bauwens.


126,080 kWh per year


61,365 kWh per year

Given rising electricity prices, the furniture manufacturer from West Flanders was looking for a high-quality and sustainable lighting solution to replace the old fluorescent and mercury vapor lamps in its twelve production halls which cover 70,000 square meters. "The production of furniture consumes a lot of energy," explains Benito Tallieu, head of the refurbishment project at Bauwens. "That's why sustainability is a high priority for us. I felt we were neglecting untapped potential in terms of lighting and were therefore looking for partners who could help us with the refurbishment."


Demanding framework conditions

Different hall heights, hard to access areas above the machines, diverse lighting requirements and increased dust exposure in the production rooms called for customized lighting solutions. Ensatec energy experts, a Belgian engineering company that specialize in energy saving and generation, designed a lighting plan and brought TRILUX on board. In addition to the IP66 version of the extremely robust, dustproof, and waterproof Aragon Fit luminaire, 3,310 meters of our energy-efficient E-Line Next continuous line luminaire, winner of the German Sustainability Award 2022, were installed.

Intelligently controlled

In combination with the LiveLink lighting management system, equipped with motion and daylight sensors, energy consumption, and therefore also energy costs, were reduced by 70 percent at the Bauwens factory. In addition, the lighting can now be controlled individually and easily for each department via a tablet. "Where previously the light was simply left on everywhere, it is now automatically dimmed or switched off if no one is present or there is sufficient daylight. That makes a big difference," says Benito Tallieu.

"These solutions more than meet the legal requirements for the workplace. For safety reasons, an independent wired DALI system was chosen. This means that the lighting never simply switches off completely. If no movement is detected somewhere, for example, because an employee is working on a machine, the light is initially dimmed to 10 % after five minutes. It only switches off completely after a further five minutes. So, anyone working with saws and other dangerous equipment is not accidentally left in the dark," adds Hans Nastasai from Ensatec.

Maximum Flexibility

In addition, the system offers maximum design flexibility: if, for example, the position of a machine of workstation changes, the luminaire inserted in the continuous line system can be exchanged or replaced with new inserts via plug and play. This allows Bauwens to adapt the lighting to the factory ‘s layout at any time.

Would you like to find out more about the project? Watch our Installation Video:

TRILUX also offers a tailor-made LED refurbishment solution for your project. For example, get advice from one of our competence centers or take advantage of our training courses at the TRILUX Academy. This makes the switch to high-quality, energy-efficient, and future-proof lighting effortless and risk-free.