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Ondo LED highbay luminaire

Simply refurbishing hall lighting

In a lot of halls and warehouses today, outdated and inefficient lighting solutions still fulfil their duty. The results are unnecessarily high operating and maintenance costs. This can be changed quickly and easily with the Ondo LED. The high bay luminaire has been designed for the refurbishment of industrial, logistics, storage and trade fair halls with minimum effort and to provide especially energy-efficient and economic illumination. Not only can the Ondo LED be used for the refurbishment of metal halide and sodium vapour lamps, but it can also replace mercury vapour lamps with 250 and/or 400 watts on a like-for-like basis. This is particularly advantageous since there is an EU prohibition on the sale of HQL lamps, which came into effect in April 2015. Thanks to the single-point suspension, the replacement is completed in no time. Such simple, quick refurbishments are rewarding economically because investment costs are paid back quickly through saved operating costs – a real plus for companies.