Lighting solutions for industrial applications must not only be tough, but also become highly diverse monitors of efficiency and light comfort when used with the right light management system.

In addition to cutting energy costs, the right light ensures greater occupational safety and less mistakes during individual processes. Intelligent light management systems also mean that light is always a step ahead. TRILUX offers a special running light for this purpose featuring special HF sensors.

The system is used for example in dark corridor aisles not in continual use, and if light management detects a person or vehicle it switches general lighting in the next two sections to 100%. Whether you move backwards or forwards, the light is always where it's needed – no more, but also no less.


Intelligent light will revolutionise our everyday lives just like the invention of the incandescent lamp once did. Light is able to support healing processes, improve our ability to concentrate and perform and increase our well-being and safety.

What else does this revolution need? Light management that offers new functions via intelligence and that makes planning and installation extremely simple. We've combined our expertise and over a hundred years of lighting experience with that of the sensor technology specialist STEINEL to develop the LiveLink intelligent system.