Article "Rhythm of Life" by TRILUX’s Helen Loomes in the SLL Newsletter

19.03.2015 | Company

Based on her presentation for this year’s Masterclass series, Helen Loomes (TRILUX) looks at how our body clock will become an increasingly important consideration in lighting design.

Over millions of years people have conducted their life according to natural daylight. We have become accustomed to sunlight and the natural day/night rhythm throughout evolution. Natural daylight changes in intensity, colour temperature and direction, all according to the season and time of day.

We now know that our biological circadian rhythm responds to this natural cycle. We all like to feel we are individuals, but in reality we are very predictable. The secretion of our hormones, which determines whether we feel alert or sleepy, are able to concentrate and even our body temperature, are directly influenced by certain wavelengths of light entering through our visual system. However, these stimuli avoid the optic nerve and have a direct pathway through to the pineal gland, keeping our internal time clock in tune with the natural passage of time.

With the advent of artificial lighting we have changed the conditions that our body relies on to have a normal sleep/wake cycle. It certainly seems a good idea to give ourselves the best environment possible to help us to perform at the height of our ability and research is now proving that this is the case. Many studies are showing us that we can improve concentration and the ability to learn by incorporating the correct lighting conditions.

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