TRILUX XPERIENCE: immerse yourself in the world of light

24.04.2015 | Company

The Arnsberg luminaire producer TRILUX presents clearly documented references and products for various applications with professional light on its new internet platform XPERIENCE. A service that provides specific information in an inspiring way with just a few clicks of the mouse.

"The topic of lighting is much more lively and colourful than its technical complexity would suggest," stated Joachim Geiger, Head of Marketing at the TRILUX Group. With TRILUX XPERIENCE, the light experts now transform the fascination of light in all its facets into genuine experiences, ranging from emotional effects to inherent savings potential. For this purpose they have developed an intelligent platform that can be used by all customers according to their specific interests.

Targeted information. At, a filter function sorts application examples according to themes and utilisation. E.g., those searching specifically for energy savings potential in the industrial sector, office lighting solutions or applications of light in the medical field find suitable offers in next to no time. And of course projects, products and technical trends, provided in the form of articles, interviews, videos and image galleries. "Successful projects demonstrate practical methods, inspire our imagination and in this way simplify access to modern solutions," said Joachim Geiger, explaining the concept of the new service.

Sharing information. Previously selected articles and information can be individually saved on TRILUX XPERIENCE, and those wishing to forward their selected topics to others simply generate a link and share it via the social networks.