Lux Live at London’s Excel on 23rd or 24th November. Be Sure To Pay TRILUX a Visit!

27.10.2016 | Events

We know you are keen to keep abreast of all the latest developments in the Lighting Industry and what better place to do so than at the UK’s biggest Lighting Exhibition, Lux Live. Held at London’s Excel, the show, which prides itself on hosting over 80 talks across the two days, is an ideal way of topping up your knowledge.

TRILUX specialists will be delivering and contributing to a number of the talks and discussions, so please make sure to put notes in your diary if you are able to attend. You can see full details below.

This year, on stand J36, TRILUX will be demonstrating the latest in workplace lighting solutions and Human Centric Lighting. We’re also excited to announce that two of our luminaires have been shortlisted in the Indoor Luminaire of the Year Award, Lateralo Plus and Lunexo, both of which you will be able to see on our stand. Lateralo Plus has also been named in Lux’s “Top 10 Product Must Sees” of the show, so do make sure to come by and see it for yourself.

But more than that, Lux Live for us is an opportunity to catch up with you, to get your insights and feedback and we look forward to that opportunity!


TRILUX Presenters & Panelists Schedule:

23rd November

15:00 Everything you know about maintenance factors is wrong

Arena: Lux Arena

Speaker(s): Jamie Yates of TRILUX, Jeff Shaw of Arup, Richard Felgate of Enstrat, Simon Waldron of Urban Jungle

Once upon a time, in the days of fluorescent and metal halide, lighting maintenance factors were easy. But how can you get it right with LEDs? Presentaion by Jeff Shaw of Arup followed by a panel discussion with experts; ex-Sainsbury’s lighting chief Simon Waldron, energy consultant Richard Felgate and Jamie Yates of TRILUX.

16:00 - The Society of Light and Lighting Masterclass, Lighters Question Time

Arena: Lux Arena

Speakers include: Helen Loomes of TRILUX

The SLL Masterclass Speakers will introduce their presentations for the 2016-2017 Masterclasses: Lighting Knowledge Series – Human Responses to Light and invite questions from the audience on any lighting subject.

18:20 - Is human-centric lighting in offices ready for mass application?

Arena: Lux Arena

Speakers: Andrew Bissell of Cundall Light4, Helen Loomes of TRILUX, Henri Juslén of Helvar

Can lighting that’s in tune with our daily rhythms really improve concentration, energy levels and productivity in the workplace? Our panelists – including Andrew Bissell of Cundall Light4, Helen Loomes of TRILUX and Henri Juslén of Helvar – discuss the findings from recent projects.


24th November

12:30 - Can the right lighting help shiftworkers?

Arena: Tech Theatre 2

Speaker: Helen Loomes of TRILUX

According to a huge body of evidence, shift working is extremely bad for our health and it can lead to increased levels of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancers. Can lighting help reduce the hazards associated with working out of sync with your body clock? Helen Loomes of TRILUX discusses.


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