Industry needs to adjust to stay ahead

26.09.2017 | Company

Last Monday, the Arnsberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) held its Electric Mobility Day, which dealt with topics ranging from the question of how electric cars can be used as company cars, through inventions of domestic industry to the use of electric cars in tourism.

One of the speakers, Jörg Van de Loo - Head of Product Management Exterior Lighting TRILUX GmbH, explained that a charging station for an electric car can also be a street light. "That's a good idea, because they're already connected to the power grid and integrated into the street scene." That sounds like a simple solution. "However, it is not as easy as it sounds at first" says van de Loo. "There is a lack of grid performance. This power, especially for quick charging stations for vehicles, is not available at all lighting points." However, he assumes that many street lights can be improved with little effort.