Learning with New Light: Intelligent TRILUX solutions for education

27.09.2013 | Produkte

Arnsberg, September 2013 – The correct lighting of classrooms in educational facilities is an important factor for learning success, because light supports the ability to concentrate and improves visual performance. Intelligent lighting solutions from TRILUX make sure of the right light for teaching and learning, and also score points with high efficiency in terms of costs and energy.

Optimal workplace lighting

Those who wish to work efficiently need the corresponding framework conditions and a pleasant atmosphere, because one of the most important criteria in such situations is ideal illumination. Light for example must not cause glare when working with laptop or PC screens but must still emit sufficient brightness for other activities on desks. Luminaires from the TRILUX Belviso family are predestined for the standard-compliant, glare-reduced lighting of educational establishments: the complete series with its consistent use of highly efficient microprismatics ensures harmonious lighting (luminance ≤ 1,500 cd/m²) and perfect surroundings for pleasant learning. The CDP microprismatics have been especially developed for the LED version and also optimised in relation to anti-glare properties. Belviso thus fulfils the high demands for visual ergonomics in the educational sector, can improve the sense of well-being and ensures optimal learning atmospheres. The recessed, surface-mounted and free-standing luminaires are also ideal for many other tasks thanks to their high level of lighting comfort, such as the harmonious general lighting of conference rooms and staff rooms as well as seminar rooms and classrooms. The series also includes different versions of ceiling and free-standing luminaires. All variants are fundamentally available with high-performance LED technology and achieve maximum efficiency of up to 100 lm/W.

A pleasant learning atmosphere with maximum efficiency

In times of tight council spending budgets, lighting solutions have to feature high levels of efficiency. On the one hand they need to be energy-saving, and on the other hand flexible enough to adapt to changes of interior arrangements. The digital Coriflex light system from TRILUX is able to master this challenge: with up to 100 lm/W, a long service life and up to 5,500 lumens per metre the system achieves high energy savings and thus also short amortisation periods. It also achieves a level of flexibility unknown until now in terms of application options, and according to application area planners select the required optic and light colour from differing variants and specify a luminaire luminous flux of between 3,500 and 5,500 lumens. This makes it possible to implement workzone, glare-reduced classroom lighting, or a lighting solution for auditoriums or mensas. Subsequent retrofitting for other applications is also highly simple. Homogeneous illumination across the complete luminaire length without dark spots and innovative LCL (Low Contrast Light) technology ensure pleasant light appearances without glare. A further benefit: Coriflex also features a high level of economy during mounting and installation, because standard accessories such as mounting rails, gear trays and reflectors are pre-integrated, and the compact elements are delivered to match the room. This means the luminaires are configured and installed with a few twists of the wrist and in a short space of time. An energy-saving solution in fact that makes learning a lot more simple in the future.