Article "New offices, new lighting" by TRILUX’s Sabine Brunner in LUX REVIEW magazine

05.01.2015 | Company

A generation of digital natives is arriving in the workplace with new office needs. We need new lighting too, writes Sabine Brunner of the Trilux Group.

Office culture is changing. As a generation of digital natives arrives in the workplace, having grown up with smartphones and tablets, offices have had to adapt to provide the right working conditions for them. The biggest trend is the open office landscape, which demands new lighting ideas. As well as technical analysis, lighting designers must take an empathic, holistic and individual approach to properly support architecture and create a good working environment.

Digitalisation has not only changed the way workers behave and interact socially, it has also disrupted work structures in offices. The classic office layout with territorial work areas is being replaced by flexible structures that are optimised for working with mobile devices. At the same time, offices allow more informal methods of communication and more relaxed surroundings.

Modern office layouts are open, with a range of zones for different activities. Lounge areas play a key role, letting employees retreat with their laptop or tablet to develop creative concepts. Just as beneficial to creativity are areas for informal discussions among colleagues. Team zones have replaced the former cell-based office areas. Those who need to concentrate to solve a task, or perhaps make a telephone call, can go to a quiet room.

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