Siella LED

the standard in office lighting

The challenge

Recessed LED luminaires are standard for office lighting. In addition to costs and quality, the focus is increasingly on flexibility. Solutions are needed that can be flexibly adapted to the various applications in terms of appearance, construction design and method of installation.

The solution

The next generation is here: the Siella LED family has been an attractive entry product into the world of modern office lighting for many years, and is now in its sixth generation. Siella LED is available either as a square recessed or rectangular surface-mounted solution with two different optics – and with its simple design and pleasant light it blends harmoniously into any office environment. The material quality and quality of light have been further improved and installation and operational benefits have been optimised.

Advantages with lighting design

High cost-efficiency

Low investment costs and high energy efficiency of 115 lm/W make the Siella LED an economically attractive solution that pays for itself within a very short time. Compared to the previous generation, the Siella LED with 3,600 lm now offers an even better luminous flux package with the same high energy efficiency. 


A flat design for high flexibility

The Siella LED has an external electronic control gear unit. This makes the luminaire extreme slim and fits into almost any ceiling void.

Light for any office environment

Siella LED is available with two different optics, so that even different office environments can be illuminated using a uniform design vocabulary. With UGR19 glare control, the luminaire is suitable for the standard-compliant lighting of computer workstations. The UGR22 version is recommended for all other areas. The new feature with UGR19: these versions have a new optical system that achieves glare control without microprismatics. Siella LED UGR19 has a smooth surface instead of the microprismatics which some customers find disrupting.

Accessories for a wide range of applications

Siella LED can also be used as a surface-mounted luminaire with an optionally available mounting frame. Siella M84 with accessories is also available for plasterboard ceilings upon request.

Advantages during installation

High quality aluminium housing

Siella LED is equipped with the reliable aluminium housing. The high quality aluminium frame increases stability and simplifies handling during installation. The advantage of the external electronic control gear unit: if necessary the ECG can be replaced.

Simple, quick installation

The external electronic control gear unit of Siella LED allows for especially simple installation and replacement. It can be mounted separately from the luminaires and connected to the luminaire via plug & play. A supplementary connection box is not required.

Advantages in operation

A simple design and good quality of light

Siella LED is installed flush with the ceiling and blends harmoniously into any office environment thanks to its simple design. The high lighting quality has remained unchanged: pleasantly homogeneous light without visible LED dots.

Simple control

The DALI devices are equipped as standard with an optimised touch dim function for simple light control in everyday office use. This touch-dim function has been fundamentally revised and significantly improved: with Siella LED, a total cable length of up to 25 metres (push-button to the last luminaire) and the use of 10 luminaires is possible.

Attractive entry solution

Low investment costs and high energy efficiency make the Siella LED the perfect solution in the entry-level segment.

Improved quality

The material quality, quality of light and advantages in operation have been further optimised in the sixth generation.

Ultra-slim luminaire body

Thanks to its extremely low construction height, the luminaire fits into almost any intermediate ceiling space.

Technical features

Energy efficiency: 115 lm/W
Lumen levels: 3,600 lm (4,000 K)
Service life: 35,000 hours at L80B50
Colour rendering/colour temperatures: Ra 80 / 3.000 or 4.000 K
Connected load: 31 W
Electrical version: ET/ ETDD
Protection rating/ safety class: IP40 on room side (IP20 all-round)

Siella LED
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