How can a modern research facility with all its different areas, from the foyer to the lecture halls and offices to the laboratories, be perfectly illuminated in a suitable, contemporary design? Exactly: With tailor-made lighting solutions from TRILUX. A mix from our standard portfolio and various special luminaires ensures perfect lighting conditions and creates an impressive ambience at the CSSB (Centre for Structural Systems Biology) on the DESY site in Hamburg (Germany).

In 2017, the new interdisciplinary facility CSSB (Centre for Structural Systems Biology) was established on the DESY campus in Hamburg (Germany). In the new multi-story building, around 180 scientists in the fields of biology, medicine, chemistry and physics are jointly researching important principles of infectious diseases and resistance. The architecturally sophisticated, 11,000 m2 large building houses large laboratories, numerous offices and meeting rooms as well as an auditorium for 180 people. During the planning stage, it was already clear that each of these areas would require a very special, tailor-made lighting solution. Also, the design should set standards. And as soon as you enter the entrance area, it becomes clear that the plan has worked perfectly!

Stylish and modern - luminous rings and discs

The light-flooded foyer of the CSSB extends over several floors and is being flanked by staircases and galleries. Just below the ceiling, three huge rings of light seem to float weightlessly. The impressive light sculptures with a diameter of two, respectively six meters, are custom-made by TRILUX Architectural. In addition, the galleries and false ceilings on the several floors are also illuminated by an attractive special lighting solution. Round-shaped lightings in various sizes, which are seamlessly integrated in the ceilings, emit a pleasant, planar light. The lecture hall, cafeteria and front zones have been equipped with 95 units of SOF lightings with a diameter between 0.7 and 2.70 meters.

Les lignes continues dans le laboratoire : la solution parfaite

L'époque où les scientifiques se penchaient sur des microscopes, des boîtes de Petri et des pipettes dans des bâtiments en béton brut éclairés par des tubes fluo appartient au passé. En tout cas, dans les laboratoires du CSSB. Plus de 1000 lignes continues E-Line LED, dotées d'une optique extensive et d'une surface lisse facile à nettoyer, ont été créées sur mesure et assurent un éclairage parfait. Dans les autres zones du bâtiment, la qualité de l’éclairage et le design sont également des priorités. 750 lignes continues Coriflex se montrent sous leur meilleur jour dans les bureaux, les circulations et les escaliers. Et partout où un downlight est nécessaire, Inperla Ligra Plus met en valeur et assure un éclairage d’accentuation des espaces. Inperla Ligra Plus est piloté via des capteurs (détection de présence et lumière du jour), ce qui réduit la consommation d’énergie liée à l'éclairage et en fait une solution particulièrement pratique et durable.

Architecture and ambience - an impressive overall experience

The lighting concept for the CSSB impressively shows how the functional requirements of a sophisticated lighting solution can be perfectly combined with the aesthetic requirements of pioneering architecture. The harmonious interplay between lighting and space creates a modern working atmosphere with open, communicative spaces for the science of tomorrow.