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The configurator

With the new E-Line Configurator, lighting designers and architects have the enormous bandwidth of variants under their control. 

Fast, simple, reliable planning: with the new E-Line Next configurator, entire continuous rows or individual luminaire inserts can be configured easily and conveniently. This significantly reduces the time required for planning lighting projects and potential sources of error. This saves time and nerves.

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E-Line Next LED makes it all possible. The modular system offers previously unknown flexibility in terms of optics, lumen packages, lengths, protection classes, etc. With maximum quality of light and efficiency of up to 190 lm/W, it's the ideal choice for all continuous line projects.

The challenge

  1. Inflexible systems
  2. Compromises with planning, quality of light and efficiency

The solution

  1. Individually configurable continuous line
  2. Pioneering quality of light
  3. Outstanding energy efficiency (up to 190 lm/W)




Planning examples


An attractive design down to the last detail

Looks more than good: due to the attractive design of the optic and trunking and the high-quality workmanship, E-Line Next LED also looks good in prestigious surroundings.

Thanks to the new fastening system, no screw points are visible on the optic. The snap springs can also be easily removed after mounting. This way, not even the smallest detail disturbs the high-quality, minimalist design.  

Quality of light

Best quality of light for best results

With its versatility in terms of optics and lumen packages as well as high glare control, E-Line Next LED provides customised light everywhere. With a colour rendering index of Ra>90 in the standard portfolio, especially natural colour rendering is guaranteed. The result – very good quality of light and maximum visual comfort. A real advantage, especially when details are involved, for example in quality control in the automotive industry or merchandise display in shop & retail. 


From planar lighting and shelf lighting to accentuation - perfect light with 15 custom optics

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Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting throughout – like daylight in a building

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Luminaires with ConVision® technology generate particularly pleasant light: it is directional, and space and objects are particularly perceptible three-dimensionally.

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TRILUX Services

Gaining perfect light has never been simpler

Project Management

We are happy to take on all tasks related to your lighting solution, ranging from consulting and integration of various systems to mounting, installation and maintenance.

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Digitalisation opens up new possibilities for controlling and monitoring the lighting solution. Our monitoring services enable you to keep an eye on your lighting system without effort.

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Location Based Services

Location-based services are services that can locate people or objects. The information obtained helps to navigate or optimise operational processes.

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Financing Services

LED rental, hire purchase or leasing? Or Light As A Service? Together with you, we create the ideal financing solution for your project whilst making sure your balance sheet is not affected.

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Pay per Use

Convert to modern LED lighting without investment costs and without impacting your balance sheet. The consumption-dependent portion of the monthly rate is based on actual consumption.

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Advantages during the planning stage

Changes in the project or a new budget? No problem at all.

Everything's planned and ready – but suddenly the requirements in a project change, for example due to a new cost framework or the wish to include Human Centric Lighting (HCL). In such cases the lighting designers and architects have to adapt the lighting design. Those specifying E-Line Next LED have a clear advantage though, because all system components are compatible and can be flexibly modified to the new framework conditions. If for example costs have to be saved, it is sufficient to replace the light engine (service life >50,000 h or >70,000 h) without affecting the light distribution. You suddenly want it to be HCL after all? Just replace the gear tray with the corresponding Active variant. Done. In this way, two price points and (almost) all customer needs can be covered with one system. That's flexibility that makes a real difference in practice.

Everything on board: current guides for additional elements

With E-Line Next LED, additive technologies and consumers such as emergency lighting circuits or sensors can be integrated into the system. Beacons can also be integrated effortlessly in the future. The Flex version of the E-Line Next LED has an 11-core current conductor, the Fix version has 14 (7+7) cores. The additional consumers make it possible to use the lighting infrastructure for further tasks to increase e.g. comfort and security.

Three protection ratings with one continuous line system – IP20, IP50, IP64

Equipped for any challenge: Thanks to a wide selection of optics with various protection ratings, E-Line NEXT can be flexibly adapted to application-specific conditions – providing maximum flexibility with only one continuous line system.

Advantages during installation

Quick, clean and simple – intuitive and simple mounting

Typical for E-Line Next LED is fast, simple and intuitive installation. After the trunking has been attached, the gear trays are simply latched into place without tools via spring catches. A special feature of E-Line Next LED: the spring catch snaps into place after mounting and provides acoustic and visual feedback that it is correctly inserted.    

One drilling point every four metres – definitely a benefit

E-Line Next LED Flex has a new trunking geometry and a new type of coupling. This enables suspension distances of 4 metres and saves much time and costs during installation.

Optimised packaging sizes – less effort, less waste, lower costs

To date, E-Line has been delivered in packs of 1 or 4. However, unpacking and disposing of waste costs time and burdens the environment. For this reason, customers now have the option of having their E-Line Next LED supply delivered to the construction site in tailor-made, large containers instead of in many single packs. That saves up to 15% in time and also protects the environment.

Refurbished in a flash – quick upgrades for obsolete systems

The new E-Line Next LED Fix gear trays with their taps also fit old E-Line trunking units, regardless of whether they are LED versions or existing T5/T8 systems. A renovation is therefore done quickly, easily and with minimal effort.

Simple IP50 installation – quick, clean and safe

Thanks to a clever concept with pre-installed sealing, installing the IP50 version is quick, clean and safe without complicated steps. This reduces work as well as the risk of errors during installation.

Advantages in operation

Check! Low operating costs, quick paybacks

Thanks to its uniquely high energy efficiency of up to 190 lm/W, E-Line Next LED is particularly economical in operation. At the same time, the system scores with a service life of 70,000 h (L80, up to tq 50°C). The result: low operating costs and quick payback periods. 

Click and go. Minimal downtime during refurbishment

Whether it's a T5, T8 or LED system: converting an existing E-Line to the new E-Line Next LED Fix is done in just 44 seconds. Only the gear trays are exchanged. The existing trunking units can still be used. This minimises expensive downtimes when refurbishing during running operation.

Snap springs can be removed – a good idea for sure

Theft and mischief prevented: the snap springs can be removed after installation so that the luminaire cannot be opened by unauthorised persons after installation (for example in schools and educational establishments).

Sure to keep things sealed – the extremely robust IP64 version

Tough as they come: The IP64 version is not only fully dust-proof, but also protected against heavy splash water from all directions. Ideal for areas with high safety requirements or rough conditions, for example cold stores, canopied outdoor areas, industrial production facilities, technical rooms or teaching kitchens in the education sector.

Clean – all variants are HACCP-compliant

High hygiene standards must be maintained in the food industry and canteen kitchens. E-Line Next LED is ideal for this. The special design prevents dust deposits so that all variants – whether IP20, IP50 or IP64 – are HACCP-compliant and suitable for use in hygiene-sensitive environments.

Future-proof – keeping all options open

E-Line Next LED offers maximum future security. New applications can be implemented with little effort simply by exchanging the modules. The power supply required for this is already available. 11 cores with the Flex version, and 14 cores with the Fix version. As a result, the system can be used to collect and analyse movement data for proximity marketing, asset tracking, etc. or simply equipped with an emergency light module.

No dust allowed – IP50 and D-designation

The IP50 version provides protection against the ingress of dust while the D-designation guarantees a limited surface temperature of the luminaire. This makes E-Line NEXT also suitable for use in locations exposed to fire hazards as well as dust.

A rich variety – ideal quality of light in any protection rating

E-Line NEXT is available with 15 application-specific optics for various installation heights and application areas as well as three protection ratings (IP20, IP50, IP64). It facilitates lighting even demanding areas without compromise in terms of quality of light, providing for instance uniform, clean illumination in industrial environments for precise, focused work.


From experience. From the market. For the future.


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Gear trays

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Technical Features

Features E-Line Fix E-Line Flex  
Energy efficiency to 170 lm/W
HE; HE+ (Industry) to 190 lm/W
to 170 lm/W
HE; HE+ (Industry) to 190 lm/W
Individually configurable luminous flux packages 2.000 lm – 20.000 lm
2.000 - 10.000 lm: steps of in 500 lm
10.000 - 20.000 lm: steps of 1.000 lm
2.000 lm – 20.000 lm
2.000 - 10.000 lm: steps of in 500 lm
10.000 - 20.000 lm: steps of 1.000 lm
Service Life 50.000 h / L80 / tq 35°C
HE 70.000 h / L80 / tq 50°C
HE+ (Industry) > 90,000 h / L80 / tq 50 °C
50.000 h / L80 / tq 35°C
HE 70.000 h / L80 / tq 50°C
HE+ (Industry) > 90,000 h / L80 / tq 50 °C
Colours white 01
silver 03
black 05
white 01
silver 03
black 05
Colour rendering Ra>80
HE; HE+ (Industry) Ra > 80/90 / ACT
HE; HE+ (Industry) Ra > 80/90 / ACT
Optics (HCL-capable) 9 lens optics
2 opal optics
4 prismatic optics
9 lens optics
2 opal optics
4 prismatic optics
Wiring (LV) 7 / 14 7 / 11  
Protection rating IP20/ IP50/ IP64
Module lengths 737.5 mm
1475 mm
2212.5 mm
737.5 mm
1475 mm
2212.5 mm
Ambient temperature -25 °C to 35 °C
HE; HE+ (Industry) -25 °C to 50 °C
-25 °C to 35 °C
HE; HE+ (Industry) -25 °C to 50 °C
Suspension distances up to 3,5 m
up to 4,0 m  
Mounting method Surface- and suspended mounting
using various fasteners
Surface- and suspended mounting
using various fasteners
Further features Spotlight-, track-, sensor-, light management-,
emergency light- and blank module inserts,
and light panel-, fixed point-, weather-proof
luminaire-, MironaFit- and X-T-L connectors (NN)
Spotlight-, track-, sensor-, light management-,
emergency light- and blank module inserts,
and light panel-, fixed point-, weather-proof
luminaire-, MironaFit- and X-T-L connectors (NN)
HE = High Efficiency      
HE+ = High Efficiency (Industry)      
Maximum quantity of gear trays per circuit for various automatic circuitbreakers
Cable cross-section Fusing Automatic circult-breaker Number of gear trays
on one circult*
2,5 mm² 16 A Typ B 12 - 32 pcs.
2,5 mm² 16 A Typ C 20 - 54 pcs.
1,5 mm² 10 A Typ B 7 - 19 pcs.
1,5 mm² 10 A Typ C 12 - 32 pcs.
* please refer to the data sheet for the exact number of gear trays per circult      

E-Line Next LED
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