The next phase of the European Living Contrasts Program has started, which means that it is time to celebrate light in the CEE region. The first Eastern European Living Contrasts Program took place on 22 September 2022 in Warsaw (Poland), and the main theme of this event was light as an element for achieving sustainable business goals. We are pleased to provide you with a summary of the highlights of this inspiring day.

Are the sustainable development goals affected by the energy crisis?

Nothing could be further from the truth! Currently, the energy crisis and the climate crisis are on the same side, since both of them require us to strive for the highest possible energy efficiency. For the environment's benefit, the goal is to reduce the carbon footprint and lower electricity bills.

"Sustainable solutions and energy efficiency are TRILUX's specialty. The CEE region is a growing market when it comes to LED solutions. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but there are also a lot of opportunities. The European directive, which will ban the production of T5/T8 fluorescent lamps by 2023, the climate crisis, as well as the energy crisis are pushing us to work on more upgrades and make new implementations. We are pleased to be able to create a positive impact on the environment and the economy through smart and sustainable light," says Arkadiusz Lewenko (General Manager TRILUX Central & Eastern Europe).

V.Offices - a unique building with an “outstanding” BREEAM certification

We were able to learn about the great potential of Central and Eastern Europe during a panel discussion with the specialists behind the success of Cracow's office building V. Offices, which is one of the two most sustainable buildings in the world according to the BREEAM certification. It has received an outstanding rating and a score of 98.97%!

"The real driving force behind this project was ecology. From day one, it was obvious that we wanted to make a difference regarding environmental and social sustainability with the V.Offices project. We opted for a BREEAM certification, as this is the world's most recognized rating of a real estate property's environmental impact. TRILUX became not only a supplier of efficient and energy-saving LED lighting, but also acted as an active partner in the design phase and in the search for the most efficient solutions. This has resulted in an Outstanding result, which is something we are very proud of," explains Sebastian Kieć (CEO of Afi Europe Poland).

Fulfilling the expectations of today's customers

How can smart light support the retail sector while the e-commerce sector is rapidly becoming a superpower? This question was answered during a lecture by Katarzyna Konkel (CEO of Omnisense).

"Customers don’t want to just buy goods, they are also seeking unique experiences. The retail sector is facing an increasing number of consumer demands, which include the need for more comfort and a pleasant atmosphere in the space where daily and occasional choices are made. We are becoming more sensitive to the presentation of the products, as well as the atmosphere of the space we enter. Even if a store is built with attention to the smallest details, it will not deliver the promise of an exceptional customer experience if it is not properly lit. A prime example of this phenomenon is abandoned shopping carts in fitting rooms, where improper lighting can distort the customer’s self-image."

Our specialty is our passion for light

At TRILUX, we believe that there where is light, there is life. The Living Contrasts Program focuses on this vision, and thus this was the common theme throughout the entire event. We spent the day in good company of investors, architects, designers and lighting installers. There were lectures by scientists and lighting experts from the Electronics Department of the Warsaw University of Technology, and the event was rounded off with Cubes & Corners, which is a unique exhibition of urban spaces and lighting realizations from TRILUX in all business sectors, including quality, individualization, and digitalization. Of course, we concluded the event with an evening gala. Take a look at the pictures to get a full impression of this inspiring day.