Sustainable light for a sustainable life

At TRILUX, we believe that where is light, there life. In this time of climate confronting energy crisis, our mission is to ensure that as many spaces and facilities as possible are lit sustainably, respecting the planet, its resources and the needs of future generations. The international TRILUX - Living Contrasts program is reaching Poland, and on September 22 there will be a space in the Warsaw's Energy Institute to discuss, exchange experiences and learn about lighting solutions that support the development of environmentally and human-friendly places. Investors, architects, lighting designers and installers - instead of pure theory, you will be able to experience sustainable development in practice at TRILUX City. BREEAM at your fingertips - you can't miss it!

“For more than 110 years, we have provided lighting solutions, smart services, support and education. As a result, many of our partners have achieved their sustainability goals. Next to that, numerous references have received BREEAM certifications, which enabled our customers to achieve measurable and significant long-term energy savings, thanks to sustainable and reliable systems. Now, lighting infrastructure is entering a new dimension. On the one hand, we have the generation and management of data in the "cloud," and on the other hand, a very important trend has emerged, namely circular economy", explains Arkadiusz Lewenko (General Manager TRILUX Central & Eastern Europe).

Highlights of the Living Contrasts Program

In addition to a case study of Krakow's V.Offices, which is the most sustainable building in Central and Eastern Europe (98.87% according to the BREEAM certification), our team will present indispensable information about the current consumer's expectations in the retail sector, as well as the scientists' recipe for a passion for light. View the event agenda.

Throughout the entire day, it is possible to explore the TRILUX City, in which visitors can experience an ultra-modern urban escapade. Here, attendees can interactively explore sustainable solutions, learn about the latest innovations and discover new trends in the lighting industry. All spaces within the TRILUX City are based on Cubes and Corners in which a variety of lighting installations in commercial, industrial, retail or outdoor applications can be experienced.

Visitors can freely join a discussion panel or a lecture, or learn about the background of TRILUX' sustainable and smart lighting solutions. There is no fixed presentation schedule nor a set lineup of stands. At Living Contrasts, a new chapter in the history of lighting is written. A short preview of the upcoming event can be watched in the video trailer.

Register here and join us on 22 September 2022 in a community in which the human and environmental needs are met through intelligent light! More about the previous editions of the Living Contrasts Program can be found in the event summary.