The new LiveLink ONE app opens up the whole world of lighting management with a single click. We’ve also created the perfect format to showcase the app’s capabilities to the world. During the tech summits in Madrid and Prague, our LiveLink ONE team impressed customers and partners with the solution.

Our Tech-Summits provide an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our innovations in a relaxed atmosphere, engage in technical discussions and foster closer connections within the industry. Sebastian Ludwig and Ralf Busch from our LiveLink team have led several tech summits, introducing participants to the app's key features.

Ralf Busch explained, "Lighting management is a hot topic in the industry, and LiveLink ONE is injecting a strong new impetus". The reason for this is that LiveLink ONE simplifies and enhances the installation and control of even the most intricate lighting systems. Market feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Summer in Madrid: Innovation in a Historic Setting

Our first Tech Summit took place in the heart of Madrid at the historic Hotel NH Suecia. It wasn't just the location that left a lasting impression; the technical aspects of the meeting also generated excitement. There were engaging discussions on lighting management, sustainability, and the potential of the smart city, all with a constant focus on our LiveLink ONE app. In addition to the product launch, networking opportunities abounded, especially on the hotel’s roof terrace, offering a breathtaking view over Madrid's iconic skyline.

Prague in September: Visiting Top References

During the fall, our LiveLink ONE crew hosted a Tech Summit in Prague, focussing on indoor applications. We had the opportunity to visit two LiveLink reference projects on site, namely a branch of the DIY chain OBI and the real estate company PROLOGIS. Instead of the rooftop venue in Madrid, we opted for a networking race at the go-kart track in Prague, bringing colleagues, customers and partners together.

In Paris in November: A visit to our partner Sedus

Because Europe is big and we want everyone to know about our app, LiveLink ONE was also presented on November 23 at an event in the showroom of our partner SEDUS in Paris. After all, lighting management is one of the biggest trends on the market - and our app simplifies projects and processes enormously. We are also happy to help anyone who is not attending personally. Just get in touch with us.