Schools have always been demanding. Not only regarding the curriculum, but also when it comes to lighting. Nowadays, new requirements regarding light quality and smartness of the systems are added to the list. In our TRILUX Talks, we have collected the most important tasks of modern, holistic school lighting, and are giving you a smart answer to every question.

Education is demanding - especially, smart, sustainable lighting

One thing is clear: the perfect lighting for education is highly efficient and gives excellent results, even in challenging situations, such as blackboard lighting or glare-free screen lighting. But there are more features, such as sensors, to reduce energy consumption, HCL to improve the biorhythm, well-being and ability to concentrate, or a Cloud connection to control and monitor the lights. And even non-lighting functions, such as CO2 sensors, which monitor air quality, can be easily implemented into the lighting. Product manager Alexa Böhm, our specialist in lighting for schools and educational institutions, will fill you in on the new trends and requirements.

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Opendo LED - advanced light

Some things are noticeable at first glance, such as the pleasant, planar light with the wide light emission surface across the entire width of the luminaire. Other features are present “behind the scenes”. For example, network capability, sensor control or a Cloud connection. A real highlight is the flexibility. Thanks to the particularly wide modular optics system, all school-specific requirements can be precisely implemented. And thanks to flexible installation options, the Opendo can be installed either as a light strip or individual luminaire, as a surface-mounted or suspended version. If you look closely, you will see a small glowing green point on the light emitting surface of some lightings. That small green dot is the future in the form of a CO2 sensor system, which is perfectly integrated into the system. It assesses the air quality and reports if ventilation is required via a three-stage traffic light system. Our product manager Alexa Böhm introduces the Opendo LED for the educational sector in a short video.

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