Arnsberg/ Marktheidenfeld, May 2023 - A real innovation for more efficiency and well-being: Zehnder, the internationally successful specialist for indoor climate solutions, has built the "Center of Climate" at the German company site in Lahr. In the almost 5,000 square meter new building, competence and passion for a healthy indoor climate can be experienced. The three-story new building was designed as a space for innovative ideas and a place of learning, as well as for meetings and exchanges between employees, customers and visitors. One component of the holistic building concept is Wellumic from TRILUX and WAREMA. The smart system coordinates the sun shading and lighting in real time and thus always creates optimal lighting conditions with minimal energy consumption.

The "Center of Climate" at Zehnder's site in Lahr, Baden-Württemberg, combines open office space, meeting and conference rooms, a new restaurant with a café as a meeting place and a brand experience room on a total area of almost 5,000 square meters. The well-being of the users in particular plays a central role in the new building.

"With our holistic building concept, we are not only raising energy efficiency to a new level - we are also creating a uniquely attractive overall atmosphere that optimally supports users in their tasks," explains Petra Frey-Gangi, Head of Marketing & Product Management Zehnder Germany. The new building was occupied in March 2023.


Intelligent control for optimal lighting conditions and minimal heating and cooling costs

An innovative component of the sustainable overall concept is Wellumic, which was developed jointly by TRILUX and WAREMA. This solution enables the perfect coordination of the two trades of lighting and sun shading as a coordinated light management system. The algorithm-based control system allows the available daylight to be used optimally - and at the same time prevents rooms from heating up too much (especially in summer) due to the energy input of sunlight and having to be cooled down in an energy-intensive manner. Sensors measure the lighting conditions indoors and outdoors - and automatically adjust the external blinds and lighting accordingly.

An important component of the sustainable building concept: The Wellumic control solution from WAREMA and TRILUX.

For more well-being and minimal energy consumption: Thanks to Wellumic, sun protection and lighting work perfectly together.

Accurate to the degree and millimeter

Precise sun shading control from WAREMA

A special feature is the precise control of the external blinds via SMI motors. In addition to opening and closing, they also control the angle adjustment of the individual slats in real time to the nearest degree. For minimal glare and optimum sunlight yield, the complex algorithm takes into account, among other things, the angle of the sun to each window front during the course of the day and the annual cycle - and adjusts the slat angle perfectly to it.

The result: optimal light, at any time of day and year, in any weather. And minimized energy consumption for room cooling. "With Wellumic, companies can also control two trades with one solution - and thus also minimize the effort involved in planning and implementation thanks to the intelligent interaction of tried-and-tested systems," adds Markus Schwab, building physicist and Wellumic expert at WAREMA.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) and award-winning design

Light and luminaires from TRILUX

Because light is by no means just light, Zehnder relies on high-quality Human Centric Lighting solutions from TRILUX in almost all building areas. The luminaires, with Active technology, change their spectral composition analogously to daylight. Users find this "natural" artificial light particularly pleasant. At the same time, it strengthens various physiological processes, for example the sleep-wake cycle. Another quality requirement: The luminaires not only blend perfectly into the architecture, but also actively and attractively design the room.

In keeping with this, the Parelia LED, which has won several awards for its design, the Luceos LED and the Lateralo Ring LED pendant luminaires are used in the large office areas. Accompanied by lighting design. They are flanked by the Finea LED light channel as a suspended and surface-mounted solution for atmospheric accentuation and wall illumination in the offices and think tanks.

Highest lighting quality: HCL luminaires are used throughout the building, e.g. the Lateralo Ring LED and the Sonnos LED downlights.

Special design

Heating and cooling sail with lighting function

The ceiling sails with heating and cooling functions from Zehnder, which are used throughout the building, are also an element that characterizes the space. As part of the project, they were equipped with Sonnos LED downlights in HCL design (Active) from TRILUX as a special design - and thus now also take on lighting tasks. "For a particularly calm ceiling appearance and flexible use of space, the initial lighting design was once again overturned - and the suspended luminaires were placed centrally under the ceiling sails rather than workstation-oriented," explains Lukas Hünting, Lighting Application Specialist at TRILUX. The effect goes far beyond the boundaries of the building: the harmoniously illuminated ceiling image can be seen from afar through the open glass fronts - and becomes an attractive business card for the company.

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