The linear, digital light tool

The challenge

Light channels are used to showcase and accentuate interior design but also to add structure to certain areas. Requirements for alignment and configuration, which are usually highly customised, make light channels complex and time-consuming in terms of design as well as installation

The solution

With FINEA, TRILUX provides a flexible, modular light channel system which can be simply configured regarding dimensions, shape, installation type, photometrics and sensors. Be it planar or directional, as an Active version with Human Centric Lighting, with a high CRI90 colour rendering index or integrated emergency light components – besides aesthetic demands, FINEA meets all requirements for lighting with distinction. Thanks to the intuitive online configurator, designers and installers have simple command of the various possibilities

FINEA Light channel system

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Luminaires with ConVision® technology generate particularly pleasant light: it is directional, and space and objects are particularly perceptible three-dimensionally.

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Advantages in lighting design

Everything is possible – maximum design flexibility

Modular construction for more flexibility: the FINEA light channel system is currently available with 50 mm width and provides all design-relevant installation options such as recessing, surface-mounting, suspension or wall installation. The feasible combinations of various light colours, optical systems and light distribution curves, individual module lengths and options for alignment make everything possible when it comes to lighting design. FINEA is also available in the three housing colours black, white and silver-grey as well as with an emergency light function option.

Quality of light – standard compliance with a light channel

While other light channels are predominantly used for showcasing and accentuation, FINEA is also suitable for demanding lighting tasks. Besides UGR-19 variants for lighting VDU workstations, the system is also available with high colour rendering index CRI90 and Human Centric Lighting. Even complex scenarios such as blackboard lighting in the education sector can be illuminated conveniently using asymmetric wallwashers.

Intuitive configurator – ideal user guidance

The greater the possibilities, the more complex the configuration? Not with the FINEA light channel system, an intuitive online configurator provides the designer with completely thought-out solution suggestions while keeping all possibilities open for project-specific adaptation to building conditions. As a result, architects, designers and installers receive a specifically configured offer to download.

Networking and light management – smart interplay

The FINEA light channel is future-proof and ready for upcoming developments e.g. in the IoT segment due to its open system architecture. Efficiency and convenience can be increased significantly thanks to integration into the LiveLink light management system and sensors for presence detection and daylight-dependent regulation. This constitutes an important contribution to sustainable building certifications such as BREEAM.

Digitalisation – with built-in future-safety

Equipped with the LiveLink light management system, FINEA provides access to cloud services such as energy monitoring and light monitoring. Real-time monitoring of operating data provides important insight into energy consumption and facilitates planned maintenance (predictive maintenance). Beyond that, beacons can be integrated project-specifically into the luminaires via a standardised IoT interface to support location-based services.

A large range – holistic solutions from a single source

Thanks to many versions with extensive variety, various building sections can be illuminated harmoniously with a single light channel range. This results in holistic lighting solutions from a single source.

Benefits during installation

Installation – smart, quick and simple

The individual modules are assembled into a complete system via innovative continuous line couplings with “pull effect”. One special feature: thanks to the pull effect, the modules remain friction locked with each other, which minimises disruptive light emission at the joints.

Unpack and go – smart labelling instead of puzzle games

Installing a light channel system has rarely been quicker and simpler: thanks to smart labelling with design/configuration references makes assigning packaging units to positions within the building or room child’s play

Advantages in operation

Attractive all along the line – light and room in harmony

With the FINEA light channel, building areas can be showcased and accentuated perfectly – and even sophisticated lighting tasks can be implemented whilst complying to all standards with ease. The system wins with high quality light and purist design alike, blending harmoniously into any environment – be it a modern new building, classical architecture or functional sales spaces.

Everything goes – a versatile range for holistic concepts

Holistic solutions instead of patchwork: thanks to versatility in photometrics and installation type, even extensive projects can be realised with a single luminaire range. This creates an attractive, harmonious overall impression.

Light quality – without compromise

Uncompromising in quality of light, but with no restrictions: the flexible light channel system FINEA not only works as a visual design element but also provides maximum visual comfort – from blackboard lighting in the classroom all the way to VDU workstations. A Human Centric Lighting option is also available and part of the standard portfolio.

Digitalisation – benefiting from the possibilities

High efficiency and a long service life also make FINEA an economically attractive lighting system. Thanks to networking and combinations with sensors, operating costs can be lowered even further. Optional cloud services such as Energy Monitoring and Light Monitoring provide the operator with valuable information for optimisation.

All requirements fulfilled

Maximum flexibility thanks to various installation types, light colours, optical systems and light distribution curves.

Holistic solutions

Various areas can be illuminated harmoniously with a single luminaire range thanks to its modular system.

Simple installation

Smart features such as the rapid connection system with pull effect simplify installation.


Fit for the future even today thanks to the LiveLink light management system as well as Monitoring and Location Based Services.

Technical Data

Channel widths 50 mm
Installation methods Recessed, surface-mounted, suspended and wall installation
Glare reduction UGR<19, UGR <22, UGR <25
Lumen packages 1.800 – 4.500 lm/m
Service life L90/B50, 50.000h @ 25°C
Colour rendering/temperatures CRI 80 / 90
2.700 – 5.000 K
Light distribution lambertian, directed narrow, directed wide, asymmetric direct & direct/indirect
Optical system OTA, wallwasher, BAP optics
Electrical version ET, ETDD
Protection rating IP20
Luminaire colour white, black, silver-grey


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