Yves Rocher, France's leading cosmetics company, relied on TRILUX to update their lighting installation at the La Villouët warehouse in the municipality of La Gacilly (France). The aim of the renovation was to reduce energy consumption and to increase the employees’ well-being. Thanks to our broad solution portfolio and comprehensive personal support, TRILUX was able to implement all requirements perfectly. Yves Rocher opted for two TRILUX solutions: the Mirona Fit LED and the E-Line LED light strip, which both are controlled by the LiveLink light management system.

In La Gacilly (France), the historic place of birth of Yves Rocher, TRILUX has completely renewed the lighting of the La Villouët warehouse. Previously, the building - with an area of 33,000 m² - was equipped with an outdated and energy-intensive lighting system. The main goal of the renovation was to reduce energy costs through a modern and efficient lighting solution. At the same time, the visual comfort and well-being of the employees should be increased by high-quality, uniform light. Eventually, the best lighting solutions to achieve these goals were the Mirona Fit LEDLED industrial lights and the E-Line LED light strips. Due to their high Energy efficiency, high light quality, long service life, 5-year warranty, and the fact that the lightings are being produced in Europe, both lighting solutions are perfectly able to fulfill the requirements, which have been set by Yves Rocher. “We wanted to start with the renovation of one of our storage towers. A space with natural daylight, but no light in the main corridor, where the staff is working regularly. The result was so convincing, that we decided to convert a second space and finally the entire warehouse in the following year”, says Stéphane Coyac, Technical Distribution Manager of the Yves Rocher Group. 551 Mirona Fit LED lights were installed on the site and 216 E-Line LEDs were installed between the storage shelves.

TRILUX – a partner who deals with every requirement

“We have trusted TRILUX for almost eight years, primarily because of the quality of their products and their services. For this project we were looking for luminaires that were suitable for the entire spectrum of our activities, and an installation that guarantees a certain service life”, says Stéphane Coyac. The Mirona Fit LED turned out to be the perfect lighting solution for the warehouse in La Villouët (France). Thanks to its wide range of varieties and numerous advantages, the high-performance hall mirror light is suitable for many industrial lighting applications, including in LOGISTICS, and thus facilitates the implementation of large-scale projects. With a service life of over 50,000 hours (L85 at 50°C), the Mirona-Fit-LED also meets the requirements set by Yves Rocher with regard to durability, reliability and low maintenance.

Efficiency and light quality - a rewarding switch to LED technology

A lighting renovation with TRILUX LED lights offers many advantages compared to conventional lighting systems. In addition to the high efficiency, the solutions excel with a high level of visual comfort and high lighting quality. “We are very satisfied with the result. It was relatively easy to meet our primary need: standard-compliant lighting. But a wrong light color or glare could, hypothetically, have caused an uncomfortable feeling. However, the level of lighting comfort that TRILUX’ installation provides, is perfect”, adds Stéphane Coyac. From a sustainable and financial point of view, LED technology is the absolute winner, thanks to its high energy efficiency, reduced energy consumption and low maintenance levels. “Since the renovation, the energy consumption for lighting has been reduced by 53%. In addition, exactly the right number of lights have been installed (no over- or under-lighting), which results in an optimal ratio between lighting intensity and consumption”, says Stéphane Coyac. One of the strengths of the Mirona Fit LEDs is their excellent energy efficiency of up to 150 lm/W, combined with a high light quality. Luminous fluxes of 13,000 lm, 26,000 lm and 52,000 lm, enable the reduction of the amount of light points in the warehouse. Thus, compared to a conventional lighting solution, the Mirona Fit LED significantly reduces operating costs, which leads to a quick return on investment. “By next year, we want to convert this location from low-carbon to becoming completely carbon neutral. The switch to LED lighting will make a valuable contribution here”, adds Stéphane Coyac.

Light management with LiveLink - lower energy consumption, higher well-being

By controlling the lighting with the intelligent Light management system LiveLink, operating costs can be further reduced and visual comfort can be significantly improved. For this purpose, three different scenes - a light intensity of 200 lux during the active work phases, a reduced light output of 100 lux during breaks and a minimum lighting level in the evening during cleaning work - have been programmed into the LiveLink light management system. These scenes can, according to the specific situation, be retrieved as required. “Our new lighting system offers interesting possibilities in terms of energy savings. For example, the possibility to dim the lighting level, which was not possible with our old installations”, explains Stéphane Coyac. In addition, the light management system is - through sophisticated daylight sensors - taking into account the amount of incoming daylight. Next to that, the first storage tower has been equipped with presence sensors, which make sure that the lighting system is only active when teams are present or when forklifts are driving through the aisles (Follower-Guide-Lighting). “We achieved the highest energy savings in the first storage tower. With a ceiling height of 15 meters, powerful lighting is required. Our old solution was switched on continuously during business hours, from 5 a.m. to midnight”, adds Stéphane Coyac.