The challenge

The demand for planar light in new and open office environments is repeatedly being focused upon – especially with round luminaires. The same applies to product families that enable various applications in an office to be implemented in a uniform design, thereby bringing luminaire design and architecture into harmony. 

The solution

Whether for general lighting, workstation lighting or canopied outdoor areas – the expanded Inplana LED and Onplana LED series of downlights from TRILUX enables individual lighting concepts, both indoors and outdoors, to be installed in a uniform design. The luminaires emit glare-free, planar light thanks to their special optic, and with their various sizes are ideal in a variety of applications. n.



Saving energy

Advantages in operation

A uniform design throughout the office

The diverse Inplana and Onplana LED series enables operators to equip their complete office building with downlights that follow a holistic lighting concept, thereby achieving a uniform appearance throughout.  

Biologically effective light

Operators wishing to take advantage of the benefits of HCL are offered the perfect lighting solution with this range of downlights. The two new large luminaire variants are especially suitable for this purpose thanks to their planar, uniform light emission surface.

Rapid payback

Because of their high energy efficiency and long service life, the recessed and surface-mounted downlights cut operating overheads significantly compared to conventional lighting solutions. This means that investment costs are quickly paid back and operators start saving money with the lighting installation in a very short time. Integrating a light management system (e.g. LiveLink) exploits additional potential for increasing the efficiency.

Advantages with lighting design

Wide design flexibility

The Inplana and Onplana LED series has been expanded by two new construction sizes. This means the series is now available in a total of three sizes as well as several optional lumen packages, protection ratings, types of glare control and colour temperatures. Onplana LED is also available in white and anthracite colours. As a result the series offers a range of possibilities for covering a wide variety of lighting tasks in the office sector. The dust-proof and splashwater-proof IP54 downlights are suitable for installing to ceilings in canopied outdoor areas. In this way, architectural indoor lighting and outdoor lighting come together to create holistic lighting concepts.

A perfect refurbishment solution

Because the downlight is available in various sizes it covers a wide spectrum, and therefore offers the right solution in refurbishment projects with almost any existing ceiling cutout.

Advantages during installation

Flat luminaires for low intermediate ceiling spaces

The Inplana and Onplana LED recessed and surface-mounted downlights have particularly flat construction heights. The two new construction sizes also follow this family philosophy. As a result the new, large Inplana LED is ideal for installing into low intermediate ceiling cavities, as is its "little sister". 

Simple refurbishments

Thanks to its different sizes, the downlight can be used in almost any existing ceiling cutout for refurbishment projects. This simplifies installation significantly. 

Many versions

Thanks to several versions, three construction sizes in each case and the option of ceiling or wall mounting, the series covers the various lighting requirements in the office sector

Always ready

IP54 version for installation to ceilings in canopied outdoor areas


The optical system with diffuser panel and microprisms ensures uniform, glare-free light and maximum visual comfort

Technische Daten

Three optional construction sizes in each case (Inplana LED: 234 mm, 316 mm, 445 mm, Onplana LED: 234 mm, 316 mm, 445 mm)
Five different lumen packages (1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 lm)
Two optical systems (CDP and OTA)
Available in white and anthracite colours
High energy efficiency up to 130 lm/W and a long service life of up to 70,000 hours
Dust-proof and splashwater-proof IP54 version
Glare control compliant to UGR19 (illumination of VDU workstations in accordance with standards), UGR22 and UGR25
Active version with infinitely variable control of colour temperature
Optional integration of a light management system (e.g. LiveLink)

Inplana LED & Onplana LED
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