Luceos free-standing luminaire

flexible with intelligence


The LiveLink Workplace App enables the luminaire to be flexibly and individually set. With the TRILUX LiveLink Workplace App, gain complete control of the light at your workstation.

The challenge

Changing tasks, changes in room use, desk arrangements or simply the individual needs of employees – lighting in modern office landscapes must be one thing above all: flexible. Added to this are increased demands on efficiency, quality of light, luminaire design and a room effect that is as harmonious as possible.

The solution

Beautiful, slender and smart – with the Luceos free-standing luminaire family, all lighting requirements in a modern office landscape can be implemented even without ceiling lighting. Its highlight is an extremely flat luminaire head with separately controllable direct and indirect components. With T and U versions with two luminaire heads, twin workstations and four-person workbenches can also be illuminated perfectly with just one luminaire. The level of networking and intelligence can be selected in a range from a simple basic solution to smart app-controlled HCL lighting. The result: all the freedom provided by a free-standing luminaire.



Saving energy

Advantages in lighting design

Uniform – one large range for all lighting tasks

The Luceos free-standing luminaire completes the portfolio of the luminaire range. In addition to the single-head version, Luceos is also available as a twin-head version (T and U models), each with two luminaire heads, e.g. for twin workstations and four-person workbenches. The versatile series, which also includes a suspended and a surface-mounted luminaire, facilitates the realisation of even large and complex projects with different requirements in a uniform luminaire design.

Attractive – slender and modern design with unique comfort

With its typical slender and attractive design, the free-standing luminaire Luceos excellently integrates into modern office environments. Its unique feature is the particularly flat luminaire head with separately controllable direct and indirect light components.

Simple design – free-standing luminaires provide great flexibility

Where room use remains undefined at the time of lighting design, the Luceos free-standing luminaire comes into its own. One power socket is all you need and the luminaire can be placed anywhere in the room. If room uses changes at a later date, the free-standing luminaire simply moves along with it – providing standard-compliant light all over again without the need for new lighting design or conversion of the ceiling lighting.

Ready to go – design can be so simple

The indirect component of the free-standing luminaire has an asymmetric light distribution. As an individual luminaire, Luceos illuminates a twin workstation simply and without elaborate lighting design in accordance with standards. The matching luminous flux package for a twin workstation: 15,300 lm without additional background lighting, 8,700 lm with existing basic lighting. Especially convenient: The twin-head versions are perfect for illuminating opposite workstations with partitions – for example for sound or infection protection – as well as four-person workbenches with just one luminaire.

Three power levels – for more intelligence and control

The free-standing luminaire is available in three versions: As a dimmable basic version, it unlocks the advantages of LED technology regarding efficiency and quality of light. At the next power level, the luminaires can be combined with daylight and presence sensors. This means a further plus in efficiency and comfort. Maximum freedom is provided by the third power level: The luminaires are controlled via the LiveLink Workplace light management system, networked as required and can be conveniently set up and operated via app. They are also HCL-capable.

Clean ceiling appearance thanks to intelligent colour control

For a uniform ceiling appearance, the light colour in the indirect component of networked luminaires can be harmonised. This guarantees a perfect interplay of light and architecture. Regardless, users still have the option of individually controlling the light colour of the direct component of their luminaire – either via app or directly at the luminaire.

Benefits during installation

Pre-assembled components – fewer installation steps

With the Luceos free-standing luminaire as a T-version, the luminaire heads are already pre-assembled and perfectly aligned. Commissioning merely requires attaching the luminaire head. The result: fewer installation steps and significantly faster installation.

Commissioning – plug & play

Simply plug it in and it’s ready. All the Luceos free-standing luminaire needs is a power socket. Convenient: If the use or layout of the room changes, the luminaire simply moves with the workstation.

Individualisation – user-friendly via app

The Luceos free-standing luminaire is fully pre-configured on delivery, eliminating the need for manual setup. With the most powerful variant, all operating parameters can then be adjusted quickly and simply via the user-friendly app.

Advantages in operation

Impressive light quality – individually adjustable

The Luceos free-standing luminaire scores points with homogeneous glare-free light and excellent quality of light. Users also have the option of adjusting the light individually. The U-version of the twin-head luminaire is unbeatably flexible. Employees can select the light setting of “their luminaire head” independently of the colleague with whom they share the luminaire.

Attractive room effect – slender and elegant

The free-standing luminaire scores points with its high-quality and clear design. Its unique feature is an extremely flat luminaire head with separately controllable direct and indirect components. Light and luminaire thus make a joint contribution to ideal visual and working conditions and an attractive room effect thanks to a modern, uncluttered design.

Flexibility – Everyone moves. So does the lighting

In modern offices, flexible tasks with changing project teams are part of everyday working life. The challenge: Where desks need to be rearranged, permanently installed ceiling lighting is often no longer sufficient to provide standard-compliant illuminance at the workstation. The Luceos free-standing luminaire in contrast offers complete flexibility: If the desks move, the lighting simply moves along with them.

Smart luminaires – simple control via app

Maximum comfort: With the networked Smart Connect luminaires, personal light preferences – such as light intensity and colour temperature – can simply and conveniently be set and saved via the app.

Convenient and clever – control free-standing luminaires via wall switch

Usually the very first action at the office: lights on – via a push-button by the door. To date, this had only been possible to a limited extent with free-standing luminaires. Luceos presents a stark contrast: Networked groups of free-standing luminaires can be switched on and off using a simple battery-free piezo push-button that can be positioned anywhere in the room.

Smart luminaires with Human Centric Lighting

Luminaires with Human Centric Lighting (HCL) bring natural daylight back into office buildings. This increases employee well-being and at the same time strengthens the biological rhythm.

Attractive and versatile luminaire range

Free-standing, suspended and surface-mounted luminaire: With the Luceos luminaire range, offices can be illuminated in a uniformly attractive design.

Flattest luminaire head

Unique: Despite the flat luminaire head measuring only 23 mm deep, the direct and indirect light components can be controlled separately.

Simple planning

The 15,000 lm version of the free-standing luminaire is suitable for standard-compliant illumination of a twin workstation. If additional basic lighting is available, 8,500 lm is sufficient. Its twin-head solutions (T and U versions) provide further design flexibility with luminous flux packages of up to 30,600 lm.

Asymmetric light distribution

The asymmetrical light distribution in the direct component ensures more uniform illumination of the desk – and thus more light comfort.

Intelligence and networking with different power levels

The Luceos free-standing luminaire is available with different power levels – from the simple basic solution to the smart and networked HCL lighting controlled via app.

direct & indirect separately controllable

Sensor technology:

direct & indirect separately controllable

Sensor technology:
daylight + PIR presence
(low adjustability)

direct & indirect separately controllable

Sensor technology:
daylight + HF presence
(detailed setting options)

BLE / App:

BLE / App:

BLE / App:
LiveLink Workplace app
Control & Setting

Networking options:

Networking options:

Networking options:
creation of luminaire groups
via BLE mesh network

Luminaire colour:
white / silver / black

Luminaire colour:
white / silver / black

Luminaire colour:
white / silver / black

Country-specific differentiation due to pluggable connection cable.

Luceos Free-Standing Luminaire

Portfolio & control possibilities

DALI dimmable without sensors


Push button:
double switch

Luminous flux:
approx. 8,700 lm
approx. 15,300 lm

Colour temperature:
3,000 K / 4,000 K

DALI dimmable with daylight- and PIR presence sensor
… ETDS …

Push button:
double switch

Luminous flux:
approx. 8,700 lm
approx. 15,300 lm

Colour temperature:
3,000 K / 4,000 K

Internal dimming protocol incl. daylight- and HF presence sensor

Push button:
3 illuminated LED buttons

Luminous flux:
3,000 K / 4,000 K - approx. 15,300 lm
HCL - approx. 13,500 lm

3,000 K / 4,000 K
HCL 2,700-6,500 K

Technical Features

Energy efficiency 130-170 lm/W
Lumen packages Single-head luminaire
8,700 lm; 15,300 lm
HCL: 13,500 lm

Twin-head luminaires
30,600 lm

17,400 lm, 30,600 lm
Service life 50,000h L80 B50
Colour rendering/colour temperatures 3,000 K / 4,000 K
HCL: 2,700-6,000 K
Connected load 62W ;90W ; 124 W; 180 W
Light distribution PAW-IL
Lambertian indirect component
Electrical version ETDD; ETDS; ETDI
Protection rating safety class IP20/l
Sensors Daylight & PIR presence / HF presence
Control via push-button on the luminaire or via app
Luminaire colour white/silver/black


Luceos LED-free-standing luminaire
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