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TRILUX Pay Per Use

TRILUX Rent your Light

All inclusive.

  • No investment costs
  • Most modern lighting technique
  • Reduced energy costs
TRILUX Rent your Light with TRILUX ONE Account: Your benefits

TRILUX Rent your light

The easiest way to upgrade your luminaire

Obsolete, outdated lighting installations consume an unnecessary amount of energy and therefore harbour great potential for saving in terms of energy costs. The TRILUX Rental all-round carefree package provides you with a modern LED lighting solution custom-tailored to your needs, which circumvents investment costs – and even in a balance-sheet neutral way.

 Often, monthly rates can actually be covered by savings from operating and maintenance costs. On request, the package can be expanded to include disassembly of the old system as well as installation and commissioning of the new lighting.

Your benefits

Keine Investitionskosten

No investment costs

With the rental model, the latest TRILUX LED lighting systems can be realised in a balance-sheet neutral way against a monthly basic rate.

Alles aus einer Hand

All from a single source

from installation to financing - TRILUX takes care of all lighting tasks for you.

Predictive maintenance

With predictive maintenance, maintenance work can be planned ahead. This avoids disruptions to running operations and unnecessary costs.



The light monitoring included in the TRILUX rental package enables additional cost savings and is also a central component of sustainable building management

According to Usage

The monthly base rate includes all services requested by the customer.

Rundum sorglos Paket

All-round carefree package

we take care of everything from installation and commissioning to regular maintenance.


The financing model TRILUX Rent your light enables you to convert your lighting system to a modern LED solution in a balance-sheet neutral way. High investment costs are not required, capital is spared and your company remains flexible.

The approach provides a complete turnkey solution that includes everything from lighting design to installation to commissioning.  With the Light Monitoring service, you also benefit from the advantages of networked lighting, for instance the predictive maintenance feature, which identifies possible malfunctions even before they occur and warns the operator accordingly.

WHY TRILUX Rent your light?

The financing model Rent your light by TRILUX represents a flexible opportunity for converting old, inefficient lighting systems to modern LED solutions without committing capital. It facilitates posting investments for a new, efficient lighting installation in a balance-sheet neutral way, regardless of whether a company prepares its balance sheets according to the applicable national regulations or IFRS. This way, companies remain flexible and maintain investment leeway for their core business.

Furthermore, the new LED lighting systems generate significant savings in terms of energy and maintenance costs. From the very first month, savings of up to 80% compared to the obsolete system are possible. Subtracting the expenses for the monthly basic rate, there is still an overall cost reduction of up to 20%.

In addition, the installation of the new lighting system as well as the disassembly and correct disposal of the obsolete system are included in the scope of services. Via predictive maintenance, systems can be monitored and corresponding maintenance intervals can be planned without difficulty. This prevents disruptions in operation and expensive downtimes.

Which services are included?

TRILUX Rent your light represents a capital-free and balance-sheet neutral approach. Our offers include the following services:

  1. Extensive audit
  2. Lighting concept
  3. Luminaires
  4. Light management system
  5. Disassembly and correct disposal of your old system
  6. Installation of the new TRILUX LED lighting system
  7. Commissioning
  8. Monitoring of the lighting system with predictive maintenance information
  9. Disassembly and disposal of the LED lighting system after the contract has expired
  10. Warranty for the entire term of the contract, including replacement of defective luminaires
  11. No capital investment necessary
  12. Flexible contract terms of between 4 and 10 years
  13. Individual contract design
  14. Balance sheet neutrality

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