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Magic light

Light is magical. It has the power to attract, it touches our souls, can create moods and influences our behaviour. We specifically use light to influence purchasing behaviour. In the retail sector light is a decisive factor when it comes to displaying products appealingly, bathed in good light. Presentations however significantly depend on the needs of our customers and their target groups.

Light can provide orientation, can guide, can focus attention on products and can also arouse desires. Light fascinates because it has the ability to encourage purchases in various ways. In this case, the merchandise is displayed upon a black background, similar to using limelight effects on a theatre stage.

Benefits of LED for shop & retail   

High colour rendering index

Efficient light spectrum

Reducing heat loads and avoiding fading

Less energy consumption

The right light at the right time

Human Centric Lighting for shop & retail

Light has an emotional effect and can be used as a highly effective tool for sales promotion. Ranging from sophisticated showcasing with light for the display of luxury brands to stark lighting concepts in textile discount outlets, lighting is capable of attracting attention and guide the glances of onlookers in a variety of ways. This creates emotional areas of perception that transform shopping into a special experience.

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Added value thanks to light management

Light transforms sales spaces into a stage for your products. Various requirements can be intelligently supported with individual lighting solutions. Often this is a case of achieving a balance between automated interventions into the lighting situation and individual flexibility. Light that is modifiable in terms of colour temperature or intensity can therefore create differing light effects to increase the attention of your customers.

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It pays: High-efficiency, high benefits

Energy efficiency is a central factor when specifying suitable lighting solutions, in addition to a long service life and wide maintenance intervals, and these are typical properties of TRILUX luminaires. They provide the best preconditions for high-performance lighting systems that feature high levels of cost-efficiency in the long run.

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Lighting solutions for the shop and retail sector

Energy efficiency

for shop & retail

Savings right from purchase

Light arouses curiosity and attracts because it is able to stimulate emotions. For this reason light in the retail sector is used specifically to showcase merchandise and influence purchasing behaviour. Light also creates atmosphere, provides orientation and gives structure to spaces. Energy-efficient lighting installations are the first choice because their combination of high-performance LEDs, efficient reflectors, mature thermal management and intelligent light management systems significantly reduces energy consumption.

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The TRILUX Akademie is the qualification partner for everyone professionally concerned with light. Fundamental lighting expertise is communicated using various training formats.

22. June 2021

New guidelines and regulations for lighting design (AM) (WEUK0109)


20. July 2021

Smart solutions - intelligence beyond lighting (AM) (WEUK0603)


24. August 2021

Circular Economy - a move towards sustainability (AM) (WEUK0602)


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