Constela Bollard LED



Light is a central element of design for the presentation of urban spaces: aesthetics are becoming increasingly important in addition to functional aspects. The luminaire design must harmonise with both classic and modern architecture – and also have its own qualitative design appeal.


The ConStela LED is an extremely adaptable, modularly designed luminaire range with an unmistakable, purist, modern design. The light column is available with supporting columns of various heights ranging from bollards to posts, and can be flexibly equipped with the desired lighting technology and reflector. This enables public spaces to be generously illuminated and single buildings or areas to be specifically highlighted. The uniform design creates an elegant background.


The ConStela LED combines functionality, individuality and aesthetics: its modular construction enables city architects to implement highly diverse urban lighting tasks with a uniform and outstanding design.

Product and application pictures

Optimum light for all paths

The ConStela bollard provides optimum light effects and outstanding illumination for paths and squares during twilight and in the evening hours. Variable light distribution characteristics provide design flexibility. The innovative MLTIQ technology (Multi-Lens Technology) allows the characteristics of each individual bollard to be precisely matched to the specific requirements of its surrounding. More than 20 different computer-optimised lenses provide this flexibility.

A robust bollard for urban areas

The Constela bollard luminaire with its large diameter of 200 mm provides sufficient protection against urban vandalism and can therefore be used in all areas.


Thanks to innovative MLTIQ-technology, the light effects can be individually adapted to local needs via the light distribution characteristics of the column. More than 20 different computer-optimised lenses provide this flexibility.


The ConStela bollard now supplements our modular ConStela light column system with a robust bollard. It is now possible to illuminate complete outdoor areas in a uniform design.

Technical Features

Luminaire luminous flux: 1,100 lm
Connected load/efficiency: 13 W / 85 lm/W
Service life: 100,000 h
Colour rendering/-temperature: 730, 740
Electrical version: ET
Protection rating/safety class: IP65/ safety class I
Light distribution: Rotationally symmetric, asymmetric

ConStela Bollard LED
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