Light lines in their most attractive form

The challenge

Trends in the office environment lead towards clean, integrated architectural elements, which also apply to the lighting. In addition to the appearance and flexibility of the configuration, the luminaire must provide perfect light where it is needed.

The solution

The LC60 is designed to work with diverse requirements and can adapt to most shapes. The mounting options, lengths, and accessories give adaptable solutions whilst never compromising on the quality of light, even lighting that supports human activity.



The LC60 offers freedom of expression with versatility of design

  • Intelligent modules, each with a width of 60mm, are available in different module lengths with fully illuminated T, L and X-connectors
  • The light channel can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and turn corners on both axis

The light channel can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and turn corners on both axis

The LC60 light channel system shows full flexibility in terms of mounting, either with the trimless version as a recessed channel or with a trim for plasterboard ceiling apertures. The system is also available as a surface-mounted channel and a suspended version with an indirect light component for ceiling Illumination.

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Technical features

6 mounting options surface, recessed, suspended in both direct and direct/indirect, plus a wall mounted option with choice of directions
4 construction shapes use accessories to create a cross, t-shape, and changes of direction either vertically or horizontally
2 light colours a choice of 3,000 or 4,000 K
2 optical diffuser options finely structured translucent polycarbonate or prismatic CDP
4 Lengths 564 mm, 1,124 mm, 1,404 mm, 2,244 mm
3 Luminaire colour white, black, silver